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Sustainability When the industrial revolution first came, people did not pay much attention to its effects on the environment, for in the early stages, the damages were not apparent. The fact that industrial activity immensely benefited people resulted in worldwide rapid growth of industries. However, the more the industries spread, the more nature suffered. People eventually became aware that not only did manufacturing factories cause air, water, and land pollution, but they also destroyed natural...

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Social sustainable On the hand social sustainable looks at humanitarian factors such as basic rights and equality. Which emphasize on no exploitation, fairness, socially responsible, ethics and etc (). Similarly to environmental sustainability, a different but shares the common goal. Starbucks Social Initiative Ethical Sourcing Coffee, Tea, & Cocoa Starbucks take no second when it comes to ethical conducts. As an industry giant Starbucks took advantage of its power to pressure its...

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REVIEW 1. Background, driving forces and commitment/implementation to the PPSPPI reducing environmental impact from a lifecycle perspective. • Provide an introduction including your drivers, vision and objectives • How has the PPSPPI included sustainability principles in its design, manufacture, implementation and end of life management? 2. Achievements and results of the PPSPPI • Provide evidence of the reduction of footprint or lifecycle impact • Provide evidence of consumption impacts and...

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by cars. 84% of NI commuters drive to work and 4 out of 5 are driven to school. In NI levels of car commuting are increasing year by year and levels of public transport usage are decreasing. This statistic should be reversed in order to achieve sustainability. The rate of single occupancy vehicles in our current transport system is too high. In Great Britain 60% of cars on the road are single occupancy vehicles. It is not sustainable for everyone to use a private car as their means of travel. Another...

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Tourism and Sustainability

Tourism And Sustainability THE WHOLE PICTURE TOURISM Lying on beaches with blue waters; indulging in a delightful package of fiesta and fun; enjoying delicious cuisine and accompany of the local. Probably the pictures that spring to mind when you hear ‘tourism’. Indeed, most people long for these when they consider going on a tour. Tourism is travel for recreational and leisure purposes. Apart from this, there are also ecotourism, educational, medical tourism. Sustainable tourism will be zoomed...

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Marketing & sustainability

The relevance of sustainability in marketing decision making What is marketing? What exactly is marketing? Is it just convincing people to buy products through various media? Billboards, TV commercials, junk mail and magazines filled with advertisements? From the consumer’s perspective, that is how it seems (Kotler et al. 2010, p. 5). But from a business’s standpoint, marketing is viewed very differently. Marketing is viewed as being based on an exchange relationship between a business and its...

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Sustainability marketing

Belz (2009) states that the sustainability in marketing is the conventional marketing view. This can be explained that the sustainable marketing may be developed and holding the nature of the consumption by generating the social and environment value. In the order word, the aim of sustainability marketing tries to adopt the customer value, social value and environment value. To explore the sustainability in marketing, the report will focus on the basic of sustainability marketing, examining the four...

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urban sustainability

Urban sustainability Name Instructor In the global context, Urbanization is viewed as an essential trend for development for a couple of decades to come, this is especially the case in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asian countries. Cities in mentioned regions as well as other parts of the world are predicted to promote sustainable development of their respective nations. This is supported by the knowledge that urbanization if well-articulated can enhance economic...

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Sustainability in Hawaii

future where economic and environmental needs can coexist in harmony. Sustainability calls for protection of our natural world for generations to come – this has always been the challenge of environmental stewardship. It is the responsibility of our generation and community to right some of our wrongs against nature, to learn to work together to seek common solutions, and to move forward embracing a new brand of sustainability: that of the future. Some argue that we face the most significant financial...

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Sustainability Concepts

Essay 1 Lumley and Armstrong discuss how the origins of sustainability concepts where theorized prior to and during the 19th century, and that the idea evolved through a combination of factors linked together (politics, economics, environmental and social policy). Thus making the concepts of sustainability not a ‘new beginning’ in human thought. Over the time of history human thought has changed depending on the environmental influences we as a species have had to encounter causing the changes...

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Sustainability Framework

BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY Sustainability Framework For: Deryk Stec By: Shyam Maheshwari (3461529) 2/4/2013 This paper explains the sustainability strategies of Adidas and Nike and then compares itself with the sustainable value framework of Hart’s. What is Sustainability? As defined by Environment Canadai, Sustainable development is the process of developing land, cities, businesses and communities so that our current needs are met without compromising the ability of future ...

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Operationalize Sustainability

| |Assignment #5 | |Operationalize Sustainability | | ...

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Sustainability Plan

Writing a Sustainability Plan A Sustainability Plan can take many forms. Depending on the size, type and capacity of your organization, your Sustainability Plan could be a two-page document that focuses on a long-term vision and broad goals, or a one hundred-page document that outlines specific targets, quantitative indicators and a detailed timeline. What is important is that your organization takes the first step to holistically managing the impacts – both positive and negative – that your organization...

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Environmental Sustainability.

environmental sustainability. INTRODUCTION. In environmental terms, sustainability implies that an action can be continued indefinitely with little or manageable impact on the environment. Because the health of the environment is closely linked with the health of the society in general, sustainable practices ensure that the earth’s resources will be available for future generations to enjoy, and that there will be an earth to enjoy them on. For these reason many companies focus on sustainability, either...

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Food Sustainability

ty Running Head: FOOD SUSTAINABILITY 1 Running Head: FOOD SUSTAINABILITY 1 WRT 1020 00 07 6 February 2013 b WRT 1020 00 07 6 February 2013 b Amanda Rowley Food Sustainability has grown to be an important issue, affecting all parts of the world. In...

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Design and Sustainability

In society nowadays, sustainability is rather an important concept for mostly all organisations. Over the past few years, the pollution rate has rapidly increased all over the world; and so, many designers, developers, engineers are seeking new ways of approach to be able to achieve the goal of being sustainable, then apply it to their designs and improve the quality of life. Supposing, there are no researches into being more sustainable, what will then happen is that in a long run, the human race...

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Environmental Sustainability

people because of the environmental standards they have set. However, being a university this is a difficult promise to keep, especially with the expansion they are expecting. Through my time I have spent at the new campus, I have observed the sustainability of the school, and how conscious they really are at maintaining the school “green”. Lakehead currently stands as a poster child for environmentally sustainable building, and represents the first in Canada, as well as the first in Canada to...

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Globalization and Sustainability

Nations are often caught up in achieving development, but more recently new systems have emerged, suggesting that in order to achieve long-term growth, the wellbeing of both the people and the environment has to be taken into account. The notion of sustainability emerged in the late 1960s giving development a new definition. It suggested that “economic growth cannot continue at the expense of the earth’s natural capital” (Chasek et al., 2009), but should aim at meeting our current needs while preserving...

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Environmental Sustainability

“Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved.” There are 1 billion children living in poverty (1 in 2 children in the world), 40 million live without adequate shelter, 400 million have no access to safe water. Every second 4 people die from hunger; around 27-28 percent of all children in developing countries are estimated to be underweight or stunted. Even though in 2008, according to UN, the majority of the world population is living in the...

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Environmental Sustainability

 APPROACHES FOR SUSTAINABLE AVIATION INTRODUCTION Although the aviation industry has contributed to economic sustainability, it has been long criticized to be one main reason of environmental degradation. With problems like fuel consumption, aircraft noise, air quality relevant emission, and other emission during flight travel, etc., the industry is referred as ‘dirty’ industry. The airline giant Virgin Atlantic takes the leading role on the war against carbon. As the director of customer experience...

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Human Sustainability Theme Exposition

BMO3327: Organizational Change and Development Assessment 4: Individual Theme Exposition Essay Theme: Human Sustainability Student: Jana Moniez Student No: s3885730 Seminar: Tuesday's 2-5 Coach: Angela Bowles Human sustainability is imperative to the success of organizational change and development, according to Dunphy, Griffiths and Benn (2007) 'Building of knowledge systems, social capital and other strategies designed to increase and...

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Importance of Sustainability in Organizations

Never before has sustainability been more important on the corporate agenda. According to Brundtland Commission of the United Nations (1987) sustainability is defined as operating in a way that preserves the long-term quality and productive capacity of both the natural and social environments in which a company operates. For humans, sustainability is defined as the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions. Sustainability therefore involves: ...

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Economically Sustainability Company

What is sustainability? Sustainability refers to the notion that businesses require for long-term survival, in terms of economically, environmentally and socially. It is fully compatible with the natural ecosystems that generate and preserve life. This is to ensure that with social and environmental activities been firmly rooted, it can still be available for future generations usage. Economically sustainability Company managed economic sustainability through internal factors like investing...

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Is innovation important in organizational sustainability

Innovation: The Key to Achieve Organizational Sustainability Introduction Currently, the theory of sustainability has gained an international popularity not only in the more macro social and ecological level, but also in the relatively micro organizational level. To be more specific, now it has become the primary goal of an organization to sustain a healthy and long-term development, or sustainable development. The role of innovation in the organizational sustainability, however, is not yet decided partly...

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Report: Sustainability in Audi AG

Personal Development & Careers Task 7 Environmental Sustainability in Audi AG By 1213666 To: Romas Malevicius 22.11.2012 Table of contents List of Figures Summary Introduction 1 Audi AG Sustainability Procedures 1.1 Technologies 1.2 Waste & water management 2. Sustainability as a part of Audi’s CSR 2.1 Audi Environmental Foundation 2.2 Environmental Pact for Bavaria & EMAS 2.4 Recognition 3. Criticism 3.1 General criticism towards the automobile...

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Sustainability: Walmart vs. Starbucks

Introduction Sustainability has become a great topic of interest in many arenas. Particularly, leading organizations are recognizing sustainability needs to be an essential aspect of their long term strategies. With this recognition, better business practices are being sought by investors as well as sustainability is becoming a driving force for better efficiencies and innovation. Two organizations, Wal-Mart and Starbucks, have both took on sustainability as long term initiatives to...

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SUSTAINABILITY MARKETING CHALLENGE COCA-COLA: REFRAMING AN ICON OF GLOBAL CONSUMER CULTURE The sustainability agenda has been a challenging one for global drinks giant CocaCola. As one of the world’s biggest brands, and an icon of American consumer culture, it has naturally attracted criticism from those concerned about the homogenization of global culture and the loss of local brands and diversity. Socially, sweetened carbonated drinks have attracted criticism for their perceived contribution to...

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Wheel of Change Sustainability Tool

Bob Doppelt's The Wheel of Change Bob Doppelt's Wheel of Change is a great tool for companies that seriously want to change their operations towards sustainability. According to Bob Doppelt, organizations can have the best intentions for improving and moving in a more sustainable direction, yet they fall prey to sustainability blunders. These blunders are: 1- Patriarchal thinking that leads to a false sense of security. This is the most serious of blunders. Employees who are not empowered...

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Ethonomics, Csr, and Sustainability

Ethonomics, CSR, and Sustainability I-Lin Lee Southern New Hampshire University October 9, 2012 Abstract With the advance of knowledge, people's awareness of morality grows gradually. Since the last few centuries, with the society changes constantly, several issues such as moral economy, business ethics, and sustainable development, are derived by degrees and discussed increasingly. As the society is getting wealthier, the corporate social responsibility are not any more decided only by interests...

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Sustainability Reporting - Woolworths

Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 2 Defining Sustainability 2 What Sustainability means to Woolworths 3 Corporate Stakeholders of Woolworths 3 Woolworths Drive for Change 5 Integrated Reporting 6 Why Integrated Reporting? 6 Woolworths Integrated Reporting 7 The Future of Integrated Reporting 7 Conclusion 8 Word Count: 1995 Executive Summary This report examines the new world of sustainability reporting, and the complex web of stakeholders. It focuses particularly on the...

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Sustainability Strategy and Corporate Performance

From: Joanna Zeng, Senior Vice President for Sustainability at Nestlé To: CEO and the board of directors, Nestlé Subject: Implementing a sustainability strategy to improve corporate performance Date: April 18, 2013 Recommended Action: The task was to develop a sustainability strategy that Nestlé ought to implement to improve our corporate and environmental performance. And we recommend adopting “eco-efficiency” programs which focus on lowering costs and optimize organizational processes. In...

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Sustainability and Global Warming

of Management Student Name: Abcdefgh Student ID:123456 5/15/2013 Assignment topic: What is sustainability and why does it matter? Why are some benefits for organizations in adopting sustainable practices? Can you also suggest some negative impacts, if any, of adopting sustainable business systems? Introduction It was not before the year 2007, the concept of ‘Sustainability’ was established in the mind of people and businesses in the world. In the year 2009, the UN Climate Change...

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Urban Sustainability Worksheet

Urban Sustainability – Option 2 Develop sustainability guidelines for your apartment, home, child’s school, workplace, or place of worship that will help improve urban sustainability. Your project should include three goals that can range from simple measures such as turning lights off to larger projects including sustainable landscaping or home remodeling using environmentally friendly materials. Each of the three goals should include two actions that will help improve urban sustainability. You...

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Sustainability Of Apple Inc

 Sustainability of Apple Inc. Introduction Sustainability should mirror the culture of the organization, matching the organizations strategic approach to doing business. Organizations are now developing sustainability strategies and embedding them in the organizations culture. The organization understands that sustainability will play a major role in their future success/failure. Corporate Sustainability can be summed up using the Triple Bottom Line approach. The Triple bottom line theory is Financial...

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Bottle Bricks And The Esthetics Of Sustainability

ISSN: 2348 9510 International Journal Of Core Engineering & Management (IJCEM) Volume 1, Issue 7, October 2014 Bottle Bricks And The Esthetics Of Sustainability Rupali Goud Department of Civil Engineering Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science ,Indore Email id : rupali.goud05@gmail.com Contact No. +91-7566179633 Abstract: Plastic bottles are used to store different substances for consumption and for other uses. Bottles used to package water takes over 1,000 years to biodegrade and if...

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Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy

Case analysis: Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy Why Walmart announces sustainability strategy? There is no need to introduce its background anymore; I think everyone knows the super supermarket leader’s name which is called Walmart. Here is the point that in this case why the CEO of Walmart Scott announced to do the business sustainability strategy in 2005. The sustainability will be the most focused in the 21century when the environment get worse every day. This strategy seems that Walmart...

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Sustainability from an Economic Perspective

accountability and participation (Hofkes 1996, p. 342).These three aspects of sustainability make the originally simple definition of economic development more complicated or more precise, in other words. Sustainability from an economic perspective Despite on these complications, three principles, outlined above have resonance at a common-sense level. According to viewpoint of neo-classical economic theory, sustainability can be defined in terms of the maximization of welfare over time (Sabau 2010...

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Sustainability Strategies Used in Woolworths

[Woolworths Environmental sustainability] To analysis the environmental sustainability we must first understand the concept of Sustainability to help us preform a successful environmental analyses and define the key problem of Woolworths sustainability and recommend correct and fast result solutions so the Sustainability is a strategic plan that help’s companies to develop their economic growth over the long term through their interest in environmental and social problems and connect them to the...

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Remuneration and Sustainability Analysis

Introduction Within this report we have aimed to compare and contrast the remuneration plans and sustainability reporting between three companies, CRH, Kingspan and Marshalls. In doing this we aim to devise an appropriate remuneration plan and suggest sustainability reporting practices for Carminho Building Products considering Watts and Zimmermans Positive Accounting Theory and in line with the cultural and financial reporting context of UK. 2.0 Remuneration Comparison We aim to compare and...

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New Balance Sustainability Issues

Ethic and Sustainability Issues New Balance had faced many new challenges in terms of ethical and sustainability issues. The challenge for the company was to recognize how to incorporate an effective Corporate Social Responsibility program for stimulating a successful global business, while increasing the contribution of New Balance to developing an upright and sustainable world. New Balance is enduring a commitment to environmental principles in its business operations to have the least minimal...

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Wal-Mart China Sustainability

Executive Summary The following case will analyze the Wal-Mart China’s Sustainability efforts. Wal-Mart China is in the begging stages of becoming sustainable, in an ecological sense, and faces some key issues. First the case will provide background information on Wal-Mart Global and Wal-Mart China to ensure the reader is aware of the circumstances. Then the case will analyze Wal-Mart China based on the 4Rs, recycling, resource, regulations, and reputation, described in Operations Management by...

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Coca Cola Sustainability Report

Individual assignment for Sustainability (SEL) I chose to deal with the American giant of soft beverage Coca-Cola. In its Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability plan, the company This Sustainability report a quite interesting review based on stakeholders feedbacks, which will increase the brand transparency across its sustainability platform. As a matter of fact the company is trying to focus on four main elements: water stewardship, energy efficiency and climate protection, sustainable...

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Sustainability and Global Warming

Phu Hoang SOC 321K Essay One According to Herbert Girardet (author of Cities People Planet), “sustainability enables all its citizens to meet their own needs and to enhance their well-being, without degrading the natural world or the lives of other people, now or in the future (Page 6-Planet).” Cities have been at the heart of this question because it is where the human population is at its highest and densest. Just look at the history of human civilizations for example, from Jericho to Rome...

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Vail Resorts Sustainability Analysis

Vail Resorts Sustainability Analysis [pic] Business 4630: Creating Sustainable Enterprises May XX, 2009 BY: Contents Introduction 1 Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development 1 Opportunity and Risk 2 Measureing Value 2 Strategy and Execution 2 Measuring Results 2 Conclusion 2 Introduction This paper aims to evaluate the sustainability of Vail Resorts™ (Vail) and its role as a socially responsible corporation. The paper will … Social Responsibility...

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Short Report of Review on Sustainability Disclosure

To: Finance Director Subject: Short report of review on sustainability disclosure There is a growing trend among companies to disclose and report their social and environmental impacts not only concerned with the financial performance of a company but its impact on society and environment. Thus, sustainability becomes an important issue. Sustainability is the capacity to endure and is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which included environmental, economic, and social dimensions. It...

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Environmental Sustainability in the Work Place

on-site gyms. Maintaining a sustainable workplace also means minimizing external environmental impact—for example, by purchasing repurposed and recycled materials, minimizing unnecessary employee travel, and reducing energy and water consumption ("Sustainability at Work-what Can We Do?," 2011). Employment practices Examples of sustainable employment practices include work/life balance programs such as flexible scheduling, career development programs, initiatives to maintain a motivated and engaged workforce...

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Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line

Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line Introduction Southwest Airlines is the largest successful low-fare airline carrier in the United States. “The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.” (Southwest Airlines, 2012) Southwest operates the business based on its core values: culture, philosophy, and spirit. “People are important…each one makes a difference.”...

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Sustainability and Happy Meal

brief will look at how McDonald's can incorporate the concept of sustainable design in it's business. The idea is to redesign the concept of the "Happy Meal", paticularly the Happy Meal toy, so it's less wastefull and helps promote the concept of sustainability to our children, the generation of the future. The Problem Currently McDonald's is not viewed as an "ethical" company. This is reinforced by the fact that in 2006 we were voted as the least ethical company by British consumers, putting...

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Environmental Policy, Sustainability, and Government Regulations

principles of ISO 14001 standard (UPS 2010 sustainability report, 2010). To ensure compliance with regulations in the various countries and the United States, UPS has region environmental mangers and district environmental coordinators within their operations. The managers have access to training programs that include but not limited to water and air quality, transportation environmental, hazardous waste management and underground storage tanks (UPS 2010 sustainability report, 2010). UPS was a member of...

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Environmental Science, Technology and Sustainability

Environmental Science, Technology and Sustainability What are You Doing to Help Megan Lade University of Phoenix (Online Campus) Environmental science can be defined in many ways. Whether you discuss physical implications and problems we face today or the methods and technologies created for environmental sustainability, environmental science is a very dynamic field of study that relates to our world and what we are doing to preserve its beauty and resources for future generations. In my mind, the...

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Essay on Sustainability and Development

societies. In order to clarify why humanity is slowly, since the middle of the 20th century, integrating the notions of sustainability to preserve and protect the natural environment, this essay will first discuss the fundamental principle that makes human and their environment interdependent: the unity of the living. Further, it will expose the prosperous future that sustainability represents as an alternative lifestyle and new model of development. Before all, we must recognize that humans interact...

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The Relationship between Community and Sustainability

 The Relationship between Community and Sustainability In recent years there has been an increase amount of awareness in terms of how sustainable our world has to be, in order to maintain the civilization of all people. The question becomes, is it already too late to fix our immoral behaviors, as we observe the number of failing state increasing all over the world, whether it in china, Africa and so forth. Throughout this paper, I will offer a summary on the ideal of a sustainable community...

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Johannesburg Sustainability Doc

Cities and Sustainability: Johannesburg, South Africa Report for the Johannesburg City Government on Sustainability through reducing carbon emissions Introduction: The purpose of this report is to advise the Johannesburg City Government on ways to reduce carbon emissions within the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Johannesburg City (Joburg) is listed as a participant with the C40 Cities initiative, in an effort to tackle the environmental issues of global warming and climate change. This...

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Environmental Problems, Their Causes, and Sustainability

Living in the Environment Chapter 1: Environmental Problems, Their Causes, and Sustainability One’s environment is everything that surrounds them except for themselves. And sustainability of the environmental resources is an important practice for humans to survive on this planet which continues to exist through the ages by three means: 1. Solar energy 2. Biodiversity 3. Nutrient cycling There are three types of resources: I. Renewable resources. Ex: soil, air, water, forests II. Non-renewable...

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Rei Sustainability Case

To: Council of Executive Vice Presidents Date: 1th of November, 2012 From: Anders Fædder Subject: Evaluation of REI’s sustainability goals I am writing in response to your inquiry regarding the plausibility of maintaining the continuous growth of the company as well as satisfying its sustainability goals. The following sections will address the three issues, mentioned by top management, by first describing them, then interpreting them and lastly they will be evaluated. Conclusion and recommendations...

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Economic Growth Environmental Sustainability

TERM ASSIGNMENT #2: Environmental Sustainability And Economic Development Environmental sustainability and economic development can be considered contending imperatives. We as humans have a burning desire for economic growth and prosperity, while at the same time we have a need for the resources the planet provides us. Typically in order to grow our economy it requires that we deplete natural resources such as lumber, oil and minerals by means of deforestation, drilling and mining...

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Green Banking and Its Sustainability

the environmental safety standards are followed. BANKING AND SUSTAINABILITY Sustainable development denotes the development that does not reduce the possibilities and choices for the future generations, at the same time ensures continuity of economic progress for the present generation. It requires that decisions taken today do not comprise options for the future – this issue is central to any serious commitment to sustainability. Sustainable development transcends matters of ethics, corporate...

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Sustainability in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Development

Discuss the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development. What role does sustainability play in this relationship? Refer to both theory and examples from the business world to support your discussion. In today’s economy, entrepreneurship is an important subject and entrepreneurial abilities have become a pivotal requirement both nationally and globally. However, enterprises that succeed mostly do so as they are capable of change for the better, through innovation...

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Sustainability and Organic Foods

Sustainability and Organic Foods People nowadays are getting into the “go green” lifestyle while others continue to live without thinking about the effects they have on the environment. Why do people go green? It can save you money, it is the right thing to do, it is healthier because there are less toxins and less illness, it is helping future generations, and it is a chance to connect with the local community and spread the word. To go along with this lifestyle and its benefits, catering companies...

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Coca-Cola Sustainability Strategy

and syrups in the world. As with many large corporations in today’s world, the company has made great strides in becoming more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious. The company’s new sustainability campaign “Deliver for Today, Inspire for Tomorrow” focuses on corporate and environmental sustainability with the goal of leading the industry in two major areas: energy and climate change and sustainable packing and recycling. Other areas Coca-Cola is investing in are community and charity iniatives...

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