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Social sustainable

On the hand social sustainable looks at humanitarian factors such as basic rights and equality. Which emphasize on no exploitation, fairness, socially responsible, ethics and etc (). Similarly to environmental sustainability, a different but shares the common goal.

Starbucks Social Initiative
Ethical Sourcing

Coffee, Tea, & Cocoa

Starbucks take no second when it comes to ethical conducts. As an industry giant Starbucks took advantage of its power to pressure its supply chain to comply with ethical practices. Starbucks encourages ethical purchasing; this is because Starbucks believes it would help to foster a better future for farmers.

In response to protect its farmers, Starbucks launched several program and practices to set a new trend that for the industry and at the same time promotes sustainable practices such as the Fair Trade and C.A.F.E Practices. The C.A.F.E practices encompass comprehensive coffee-buying program that ensures coffee quality while promoting social, economic and environmental standards. The program itself has created a significant result on both environmental and the farmers that participated in the program. The program was considered as a success because on 2012 it was reported that 93% of the coffee bean was ethically sourced through the C.A.F.E practice and 98% of their contracts included an economic transparency clause (sb).

Regardless its coffee, tea or cocoa, Starbucks is committed to ensure a long-term strategic ethical sourcing from all its suppliers. In order to do so, Starbucks have partner up with people that shared the same vision as them such as Community Health and Advancement Initiative (Chai) that supports the tea farmers, and SCS Global Service to monitor Starbucks sourcing sustainability.

Store merchandise

Whether its coffee beans or store building Starbucks is as committed to its principles. Starbucks sets high standards for its merchandise suppliers. In order to take...
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