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Topics: Non-profit organization, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: March 5, 2008
1.How does Starbucks' approach to social responsibility relate to the three concepts of social responsibility described in the text?

Starbucks' approach to social responsibility relates to stakeholders, societal, and profit responsibility in many ways. It relates to stakeholder responsibility with the employees or partners, their coffee farmers, and customer satisfaction. The video stated "social responsibility start with the employees". Starbucks offer employees health care benefits and stock options to all employees half time or full time. Employees are called partners and this motivation makes employees want to come to work. Starbucks makes sure that their coffee farmers are happy as well. Because they are who keeps the company going is has put it where it is today. They are offered fair wages, reasonable prices, and they make sure that their farming conditions are good. Starbucks also makes sure they keep customers loyalty because they wouldn't be able to have a good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which benefits every aspect of the company. Reports are also sent out so stakeholders know what the business is doing. Starbucks approaches the societal responsibility includes having an environmental mission which is very strong at Starbucks. They make sure they use conservation of resources daily to make minimize harm to the environment. Starbucks has a Green team this group of people goes to the stores and make sure they are operating in an environmental friendly manner. Starbucks approaches profit responsibility by giving to non profit organizations and literacy programs. They have a "Make Your Mark" program which Starbucks gives ten dollars for every hour an employee volunteers at the non profit organization. Starbucks use only one percent of fifteen million pounds of coffee a year. Starbucks is always making sure they act social responsible.

2.What role does sustainable development play in Starbucks' approach to social responsibility?...
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