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If I Was the Chief Marketing Officer of Wipro Technologies

By: Samir Faruqui (PGPM-FT 14366)
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

If I Was the Chief Marketing Officer of Wipro Technologies

By: Samir Faruqui (PGPM-FT 14366)
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

Wipro Technologies is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with 145,000 employees serving around 970 customers in 54 countries. I joined Wipro Technologies as a fresh Engineering Graduate in 2006. I have had excellent experiences working in Wipro so far. In the next 7-8 years I am determined to gain the experience and skills required to lead the Marketing function of Wipro Technologies. I have chosen to analyze Wipro as by doing so I will get the opportunity to start thinking like the Chief Marketing Officer of Wipro. This paper will highlight Wipro’s Marketing efforts in the past, the current competition/challenges and recommended strategies to overcome the challenges. Past Maketing Strategies – Focus on Branding and New Customer Acquisition As per the brand tracking survey conducted in 2006 Wipro’s awareness level among the survey population of key non-clients was 35%, whereas the leading Indian competitor, Infosys, had an awareness level of 50%. International competitors such as IBM and Accenture were way ahead with near perfect awareness levels. It was certain that if Wipro wanted to be recognized among the Top 5 global IT companies, Wipro needed to scale up its branding efforts and achieve a distinctive positioning. Highlights of Wipro’s Brand Campaign

* Branding efforts were focused on grabbing the attention of CXO’s or in other words the organizational decision makers. Since a CXO’s job required considerable travel, airport lounges, cabs and hotels became the primary channels for the campaign. * Wipro organized global academic and industry events to improve visibility among current and future CXO’s. The Applied Innovation Council comprising of Wipro, industry experts and thought leaders was launched to analyze industry trends and work on innovative solutions to address new consumers, markets and business challenges. Wipro Council for Industry Research was set up in partnership with leading business schools such as Harvard, Wharton, LBS and INSEAD to run joint thought leadership research studies. The focused branding efforts helped Wipro move to a new level as reflected in the Brand Audit by Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates which showed that Wipro ranked second only to IBM in favorability amongst prospective clients. This enhanced recognition in turn increased new customer acquisition rates. Wipro currently adds an average of 45 customers every quarter.

Current Situation
Competitor Strategy
Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys are Wipro’s main rivals. TCS’s strategy for longer-term growth is to expand its geographic reach, industry coverage and service capabilities. It also plans to deepen existing client relationships. Infosys is moving towards a non-linear growth model, which is the norm among its peers. It has undergone major restructuring, wherein it has consolidated businesses into three distinct service lines to aid its transition from a pure-play technology company to a consulting firm. Apart from the major rivals there are numerous smaller, low cost IT service providers. These providers deliver “Good Enough” services and leverage their low prices as the Unique Selling Proposition. They are often able to sway away customers from premium service providers such as Wipro. Current Challenges

* Low-Cost Competition and Customer Retention
Wipro has achieved high brand recognition and a strong customer base however it struggles against low-cost competition. While Wipro has established price floor limits and does not agree to cut prices below these limits , low-cost IT service providers are usually ready to service...

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