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NETW240 Week 5 Lab Report: Secure FTP and Secure Shell (SSH)

Task 4: Configure the ftp server

Step 4: Adding a warning message to ftp clients

Capture the SkillSoft desktop showing this warning message (displayed when you logged into your vsFTP server) into the text box provided below.

Step 6: Configure TCP Wrappers for ftp access

TCP Wrappers is a Linux/UNIX security mechanism that will deny or allow access to TCP services. We can prevent unauthorized access to our vsftp server using TCP Wrappers. TCP Wrappers consists of two files located in the /etc directory. The hosts.deny file prevents certain users from accessing TCP services while the hosts.allow authorizes users to access TCP services.

Capture the SkillSoft desktop from host12 showing a successful login to the vsFTP server on host11 into the text box provided below.

Task 5: Perform a secure remote session on host11 to host12.

Step 2: Use ssh and secure copy

Capture the SkillSoft desktop from host11 showing the completion of all nine commands specified in Step 2 of Task 5 above. Paste this image into the text box provided below.
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