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Appendix B

Audience-Focused Communication Matrix

Use the matrix to complete the information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item.

What are some audience characteristics you need to consider?
What communication channels would be appropriate and why?
What would you do to ensure your message is effective?
What are some considerations you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?

Audience-Focused Communication
Audience Characteristics
Channels of Communication
Strategies to Ensure Effective Messages
Audience Diversity Considerations
Managers are considered a primary audience, or a gatekeeper, which will decide whether the primary audience will receive the communication.
Managers have integrity and leadership in the organization and will expect to be addressed in a professional way. Professionalism and accuracy of information is important.
Managers will likely be detail oriented; therefore, detailed written communication is the best option.
Face-to-face should include an appropriate amount of visual information.
Technology should be used whenever possible. When conducting meetings each attendee should have an advanced copy of the presentation. An advanced copy of the presentation will allow the manager(s) to formulate appropriate questions ahead of the meeting to reduce the amount of time the presentation will require.
To ensure messages are delivered and received effectively the message should be kept as short and direct as possible.
It is vital that the presenter remain on task, deliver the intended message, and not be sidetracked by interruptions or disturbances. The presenter will also need maintain a positive attitude while delivering the communication. The information being presented should be detailed and consistent as to not confuse the audience members.
There will be little diversity among the managers in the group. It is probable that most managers will be like-minded and able to easily receive the message.
There is likely to be a greater diversity among the salespeople. The salespeople are on the front lines with the customers and public and are must be as diverse as the customer base.
The customers are most likely to be the most diverse group in the meeting. I would have no way of knowing how each of them will respond to any part of the presentation, which is why it is important to ensure that all methods of communication are covered, verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual. Ensuring that all methods of communication are covered in the presentation will ensure that each customer is able to clearly understand the information.
Salespeople are often concerned with making the sell. Salespeople want the information they need to perform their jobs more effectively. Sales information would be especially important to the salespeople as it allows them to know who made the most sales; this would be especially important if the salespeople are commission based.
The best channel of communication for the salespeople at this presentation is either on a screen or printed materials, which includes multiple visual aids. The salespeople are most likely interested in the information concerning company sales figures and how to improve their performance.
Similarly, to management, the salespeople are likely to be very informed; therefore, the information needs to be short and precise. While it is important to keep the meeting as short and to the point as possible it is also important to ensure that enough details are included to ensure the salespeople receive information that can be used to their advantage. Although the meeting. Due to the nature of the presentation, I would ask at the beginning to hold all questions until the end.

It is important to understand that customers’ expectations when presenting information to them. We also need to know if they have the necessary time to invest in the presentation and absorb the information in a meaningful way. The presenter must also know what issue is most important to the customer. It would also be important for customers to have the sales information to help them decide if the company and its products or services are a worthwhile investment.
Printed information will likely be the most appropriate channel of communication for customers, as they will not have access to the materials after the presentation. By allowing those to further examine the information after the meeting they will stay more engaged and are more likely to remain interested in the company.
It will be impossible to discuss during the presentation every aspect of the company’s sales information. Therefore, it is important that the information that is presented be of interest to the customers; sales figures, quarterly reports, profits, etc. losses, and margins

As this meeting involves various stakeholders it is vital that sales statistics are accurate and presented in a way that is easily digested. Additionally, it is important for the presenter to remember that all audience member are customers; some are external customers, and some are internal customers, but they are all customer and should be treated with respect at all times. This meeting will be essentially a one-way communication; me communicating information to the audience. It will be necessary to prearrange for a large room that will accommodate all of the planned attendees. It is important that the space not be too large, which would inhibit my ability to connect with the audience.
The primary strategy to ensure effective messages is to ensure that all in attendance can clearly hear and understand me. The room size should comfortably accommodate all in attendance. I would also ensure that everyone was provided a copy of the presentation, or at minimum the speaker notes so they could review them after the meeting.

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