Good Mgt or Good Leader

Topics: Leadership, Management, Skill Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Leadership starts individually, and the way in which an individual approaches his daily life. Every person must be self driven and learn to lead his life only then will they be effective in dealing with other people.     Good managerial skills are all about planning and utilising time, resources and man power to get the work done. However, having good leadership skill is a different ball game all together. A leader is a visionary, who must have the ability to see the bigger picture of things. This quality will help a good manager build a self driven team. Delegation becomes easy for a manager who has a self driven team. -  Communication is the key: A good manager always communicates the business objectives to the employees. This allows them to see how their department and personal objectives support and contribute to the bigger picture.

-  Assessment skills: A good manager also needs to be able to evaluate their subordinates skills, knowledge and abilities. This gives them the ability to assign tasks and responsibilities to the appropriate team member so department objectives can be achieved successfully.

-    Empowering people: Good managers must encourage their subordinates to take ownership of the task assigned to them. They must facilitate their learning process of there subordinates. Delegation is an art. Good managers must plan well, so as to know what to delegate and whom to delegate and how much time should be allocated for the person who will be performing this task. This also ensures that people under good managers grow as better managers in due course of time    You don't have to be tall, well-spoken and good looking to be a successful leader. You don't have to have that "special something" to fulfill the leadership role. What you have to have is clearly defined convictions - and, more importantly, the courage of your convictions to see them manifest into reality. Only when you understand your role as guide and steward based on your own most...
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