ADMS 1010

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Bias Pages: 1 (458 words) Published: November 24, 2014
ADMS 1010. Exploring the functions of business
Section E Chi Kit Yeung Dr. Joel Marcus 212660254

How self-aware are you?

I believe a manager should possess 3 basic traits. They are self-awareness, curiosity and independency. Let me elaborate more on this. First and foremost, in order to manage others one must first be able to understand oneself and manage themselves. To understand oneself one must be self-aware. They must know what biases they have so when it comes time to make decisions, they can make a clear concise bias free decision. Also when one is self-aware, they can keep their emotions and feelings out of the equation when deciding. Secondly, a manager should be someone who is curious because curious people will not only look at the surface but also dig deeper into the situation to find out what is actually happening. After looking at a situation from different angles, then they can try new approaches to find out if the real deal is actually what they forecast. Lastly, a manager has to be independent because they are the one who is making the crucial decisions. Many times a manager will listen to others for opinions but the final decision has to have gone through critical thinking and be made solely on the manager’s behalf.

I feel I have many different strengths. One of which I think stands out the most is that I’m willing to take criticism. When I get scowled by someone, I don’t take it as something negative right away. Instead I will sit down and reflect on the situation before coming to a conclusion. Many people will think the person yelling at them is terrible but I think it’s the opposite. This is because the person actually cares enough about you to point out your weaknesses so that you know and be able to fix them. A weakness...
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