What Is Globalisation and to What Extent Is the Contemporary World Actually Globalised?

Topics: Globalization, The World Is Flat, Capitalism Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Derek McKenna LG119Student number: 10809341
What is globalisation and to what extent is the contemporary world actually globalised? To answer the question this essay will begin by attempting to provide a definition to thesometimes elusive meaning of the term ‘globalisation’. The essay will then take thisdefinition and move on to use it to outline three different perspectives on what globalisationis. The three perspectives that will be used are the hyperglobalist, the transformationalist andthe sceptical (Held et al, 2000, p10). Each of these perspectives on globalisation will in turnattempt to answer the question of what is globalisation. Within outlining each of these perspective’s views on globalisation, each perspective’s views on the extent thecontemporary world is actually globalised will also be outlined. After this the essay willcompare and contrast each of the three perspectives to gain an understanding of which of them provides the best or strongest answer to how much the contemporary world is actuallyglobalised, before concluding with a summary of its main points and by pointing out thateach perspective shares a general agreement that the capitalist system is the driving force of what globalisation is, but each differs in its views on to what extent the world is actuallyglobalised.The term globalisation is one that is used with ever increasing frequency as if it had auniversally accepted meaning and definition. According to Modelski, globalisation is ahistorical process which is characterised by a growing engagement between peoples on allcorners of the globe (Modelski, 2003, pp.55-59). However, as Heywood points out, it canrefer to various things such as processes, policies, strategies, an occurrence or an ideology.He suggests, its elusive meaning lays in the fact that it “is not so much an it as a them” (2007, p.143). The reason for the elusiveness of the term is that, as Heywood pints out, it involvesmany different facets which many different...
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