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text and individual other related material to the question. As such it is much easier to plan, organise and prepare a response. Students MUST remember that the question/task will be about ‘Into the World’, not Educating Rita! Any response requires indepth discussion of ‘the transition from one world to another’, with detailed commentary from text and 2 other related texts of the students choosing. Any good response will focus not only on what is said about this transition, but the techniques...

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Into the world

Into the world represent a stage of maturation and growing up. It is the time of change and adaption from one world experience to another. When going from familiar experiences to new ones, obstacles are usually met before being totally successful. The play of Educating Rita, by Willy Russel, agreed that moving into the world must have benefits for individuals, as well as the song lyric “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. Individuals moving into the world, are bound to come across many obstacles that...

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Into the World

Moving into the world is a significant experience in a person’s life which provides opportunities for growth and development. Change in attitude, development of knowledge and change in identity are all aspects of moving into the world however, it is not as simple as it seems and it consists of being faced with barriers which an individual learns to overcome. Moving into the world is explored in two texts which are Billy Elliot, by Stephan Daldry, and Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself”. Change in attitude...

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Into the World

Into the World involves transition and change. Discuss noting the composer’s representation of these ideas. Refer to your prescribed text and one related text. ‘Into the World’ involves a wide range of ideas, although it can be defined as one single word, ‘transition’ meaning the movement of a character from one phase of their life into a broader environment. The idea of ‘Into the World’ is well represented in Willy Russell’s drama text, “Educating Rita” where the protagonist Rita enters a new...

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My World

My world. My world is a series of strung memories, slow songs, copper streetlights dancing over my skin during long car rides, first kisses yet to be shared, poems yet to be read, apologies I was too afraid to make, mistakes I don’t know how to undo, pulse punching through me every moment I write, and the laughs that I have yet to enjoy. My world is not only my world; it is your world, her world, his world, our world. The lines of my world are not defined. I have not found my world, but am creating...

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Nightmare World

A/N: a short story done for my mock English GCSE exam, where the question was to 'describe a nightmare world'. Instead of going for the cliché, hell-like landscape, I decided to base my so-called 'nightmare world' off of a real nightmare, in the world we live in – a young boys perspective during a bombing in WWII. Note: I got an A for that exam paper! Nightmare World Every day they come, in their great terrifying birds of steel, overhead and through the clouds that I once thought held heaven...

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a world in flux

 A World In Flux by Andrew Broggins In an election year where all things cannot be considered constant and things are forever changing we are in a world of flux. Just a year ago, the things happening in our local economy, national economy, and worldly economy, couldn’t have been predicted. In the midst of an erratic and hostile election year, where there are mass changes of commands of world powers and numbers are up and down in a week from revisions and upticks, who...

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Heal the World

children So that they know what's a better world for them And think they can make it a better place There's A Place In Your Heart And I Know That It Is Love And This Place Could Be Much Brighter Than Tomorrow And If You Really Try You'll Find There's No Need To Cry In This Place You'll Feel There's No Hurt Or Sorrow There Are Ways To Get There If You Care Enough For The Living Make A Little Space Make A Better Place... Heal The World Make It A Better Place For You And For Me ...

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Gumball World

"Gumball World" by Hendrik Van Dorp IV Milo and Kyra had been friends ever since they were brought into the amazing world of gumballs. They did everything together. They were even born at the same time. Not from the same mother, of course. That would be extremely painful and probably impossible. They went gumballing together, played gumball together, had gumball fights with each other, hosted gumball tea parties and invited their gumdolls, of course, and feasted on gumballs as much as...

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The Changing World

THE CHANGING WORLD The world is has never been the same. People living a century ago, can never imagine the world we are living in. Over the last one hundred years we have seen extraordinary changes in technology. We had been on the foul smelling four leg carts and now at the foul smelling gas consuming four wheels. We wished to be like birds flying here and there, now we are visiting planets and isolated areas. We dreamed to go “Around the world in Eighty Days” and...

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The World

Bank World Bank The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. The World Bank's official goal is the reduction of poverty. According to the World Bank's Articles of Agreement (as amended effective 16 February 1989), all of its decisions must be guided by a commitment to promote foreign investment, international trade, and facilitate capital investment. The World Bank differs from the World Bank Group, in that the...

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Witness: Amish World

portray the contrast between two different worlds. The scene depicts the peaceful and calm surroundings of the Amish. This is most apparent in the scene where a slow panning shot is used to portray the wheat as being of a soft silky appearance as it was blown in the wind, which highlights the world of harmony of the Amish. Contrasting of the two worlds is achieved by comparing the community in the Amish world with the individualism in the modern world. This is shown through camera techniques...

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World and Tom Brennan

Module C – Into the World ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ & ‘The Door’ (related text) The different pathways used by an individual when moving “into the world” are always framed by the societal context in which they exist. These pathways provide opportunities for the protagonist to experience a wide variety of growth and change. The process of moving away from the past and entering a new world is a complex one that involves sacrifice, change and a sense of unknown. The protagonist can be both willing...

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"The Wave" -- Individuals and Their World

the individual and their world. The Wave by Morton Rhue and the poem “The Door” by Miroslav Holub are the two examples which focus on proving the effect that environment, relationships and experiences have on the individual and their world. Body: The environment that people live in has a huge impact on people. The environment is the world they live in. It changes people in both positive and negative ways. The Wave, for instance, shows how the individual and their world are affected by the setting...

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Where My World Began

Where My World Began My first home for many years. This land comes rarer to me as the day goes by. Forever changing the knowledge I had once gained. My corner of the world, where I have formed myself unique from all else. A place with spectacular monument. An environment that has filled me with joy, yet still fills with anger from time to time. This is my place in the world, my corner of Canada. There are many lands which have been described as similar to mine. A land with...

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Fahrenheit 451 - a World Without

A World Without In Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, the protagonist, Guy Montag, realizes that though his world seems perfect, it is devoid of happiness. First, Montag sees that the people of the world do not interact well. Next, he becomes aware that his society does not respect the sanctity of life. Then, Montag notices that society does not reflect upon their actions. Finally, Montag realizes that his world is a horrible place because it is missing many aspects that equal a happy life. ...

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Leadership in a Vuca World

1. Source: ThunderBIrd School of Global Management Living and Leading in a VUCA World By Paul Kinsinger and Karen Walch, Ph.D. The concept of a VUCA world — one that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous — was introduced by the U.S. military as the Cold War ended and as the United States looked out over the emergence of a multilateral, rather than a bilateral, global landscape. This meant being prepared to take on increasing challenges from asymmetrical opponents such as nonstate militias...

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The Best Job in the World

Introduction In your opinion what is the best job in the world? I recently read an article by the Financial Times journalist Lucy Kellaway. Lucy described meeting an acquaintance who had gone from being a marketing director on £200k per year to a postman earning £20k per year. The part time postman described his new job s much healthier that his previous one. He walked 4 miles a day And when he went home @ 1pm every day , he did not have to give work another taught until 7.30 the next morning ...

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Entering a World of Light

Entering A World of Light By Sam Veliz 3/17/12 Period 4 Oftentimes, when something valuable is lost, one may begin to realize the importance and value of that article. Although what is lost may never be restored, in its absence, there is a tendency for one to travel deeper into a world of trying to uncover the meaning of its presence and understanding its purpose. In Cry, the Beloved Country, James Jarvis goes through a period of comprehending what his son, Arthur Jarvis, was attempting...

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youth in a changing world

Outline Topic: Youth in a Changing World Narrowed Topic: Youth in a Changing World as it applies to internationally circumstances. Topic Outline Responsibility and Lifestyle Geographic location and School Problems and Challenges As society changes, so do people. Life now moves at a rapid paste that is often set by ever-changing technology. More and more everyday youths get caught up in this fast paste world. This is not a problem we face locally, more so one that threatens...

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Armageddon: World and Grace Stamper

Laboratory City Of Malaybalay Film Title:_Armageddon_ Name of student: Cindy Claire Dumaque Ramirez Date: November 27, 2013 What do you understand about the title? The title was Armageddon meaning “it is the end of the world, the war between good and evil, and it is something that ends”. Armageddon is the main focus of the movie or film that we watched. Science concept: The science concept of the film talks about space, like it strike a topic anout astronomy. It also...

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The World of Virtual Reality

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about virtual reality? Most people think that virtual reality is video games or even computer games that you are able to communicate with other people from all over the world. The world of virtual reality is all around us. From watching television to working on homework assignments on your computer, almost everything that we do uses some kind of virtual reality. There are many aspects that are being used by many different kinds of professionals...

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A World Without Children

A World Without Children A world without children would be a terrible place to live in. Everyone would know that mankind is dying and would soon be extinct. With kids around, the earth is a much happier place. Not because we know we’ll survive, but because children can brighten up anyone’s day. Children are essential for humans to prosper, and they bring the kindness and responsibility out of people. Newborns seem to be unaware of their surroundings, but in reality, they are taking in the...

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The Shaping of the World Through Globalization

The Shaping Of the World Through Globalization Today everyone around the globe is interconnected in some way through the amazing thing we call globalization. Around the world people can learn about other cultures and their identities through media, communication, and technologies. From these our society can meet the needs of the citizens and maintain sustainability. Throughout history the term globalization has developed into not just an idea but an evolution in society, changing the economy,...

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Coffee in World History

Coffee in World History Coffee in world history has changed many things from its first appearance in 1635 up until today. Its effects were seen in the people, on the economy, and on the social aspect of life. These effects were mainly beneficial with some exceptions. Documents 1,3,5,7,8, and 10 show positive social effects on the people. While documents 1,3,4, and 9 show how the effects of coffee were seen positively on a worldwide scale. Whether looking close up in social communities, or looking...

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World Without Money

Andrew Halliwell AS 91101 A World Without Money? Would the world be a better place if there was no money? You didn’t have to go to work every day. There would be no more worries about how you are going to pay for the mortgage, about paying for your insurance, that you might be robbed for your money on the next corner. We can learn to distribute our goods and services according to need rather than by the ability to pay. Wealth will no longer be a status symbol. A man will be judged by what he...

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The Most Beautiful Man in the World

The most beautiful man in the world is not a movie that would raise profound questions about the meaning of life or the lack of it. What it does is however to recreate an ordinary day of a little girl's life into a lyrical tale about her awakening, both metaphorically and objectively, for the world around her. In less than six minutes, this movie reveals with beauty and pure understanding the intimate world of children in which every little detail of living is experienced with sincerity, depth and...

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Tom Brennan - into the world

the lives of the individuals in the texts you have studied? In your response make detailed reference to your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing. Positive consequence Negative consequence “Into the world” Quotes Going out into the world creates many different experiences that can consequently impact the lives of the individuals. The experience can be both positive and negative, this is evident in the ‘Story of Tom Brennan’ by J.C Burke. The story of Tom Brennan displays...

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Writing Shapes the World

Salena Robinson 1/25/08 Period 4 Writing Shapes the World Part one. When I become animated, I can’t talk. The words get sped up so fast my mouth has trouble keeping up. It’s a hyper speed flux of unparalleled stability- the words as they travel from cavity to cavity of brain, start out as ‘destruction’ but come out from the final pucker of lips and caresses of tongue as ‘noitcurtsed’. This is why I write, because making words and phrases flow from stem of brain to tips of fingers and onto...

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My Dream World

My dream world I slowly drift in and out of sleep as obfuscated images dance in and out of focus. I find myself falling farther and farther into the darkness of oblivion where nothing is limited. How long will it last? I never know. Time appears to extend beyond all dimensions. The interstice between reality and fabrication widens, and out of the darkness a dim light forms. Objects begin materializing from beyond the ghostly shadows, and a vast new world is created.Looming in the infinite mist...

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Into the world essay

Journeys into new worlds are often characterise by both problems and opportunities. Transitioning into a new world is a complex process which is defined by possibilities and difficulties. The novel “The story of Tom Brennan” by J.C Burke explores the transitional process into a new world as a catalyst for a beneficial change and the emotional barriers and resistance to change the protagonist Tom Brennan experiences. Comparably the film “Hurricane”, by Jewish Norman portrays the negative process...

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Going Into the World

individuals coming into the world. A Person moving into a new phase of life it can result in growth to a new sense of maturity and development for the specific person. This is evident in the Bildungsroman texts “Billy Elliot” (2000) by Stephen Daldry and “Ranger’s Apprentice: the Ruins of Gorlan” by John Flanagan which is highly effective in showing rewards and challenges faced when overcoming obstacles. The challenges in Billy Elliot spring from both his home world and his secret world of dance. These challenges...

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A World without Science

World without science…!!! Introduction: Science is knowledge attained through study or practice. It’s every time you turn on a light or start a car. Now imagine how our world would be without cars, light, major medical advances or anything that involves science. We’ve grown so accustomed to having this knowledge and being so scientifically advanced, we couldn’t survive without it. Electricity: Without electricity there would be zero entertainment. There wouldn’t be any TV’s, computers...

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World Peace

21st the world is encouraged to recognize that day as a day of peace. I think it is quite easy for people to look at places around the world where there is clearly hostility going on, whether it be the Middle East, Africa, or inner cities in the United States, and think why can’t there simply be peace.  To me peace is not about looking at places of hostility around the world and saying there must be peace there. Real peace around the world begins within you. Check inside and honestly answer the...

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The Flat World

The Ten Forces That Flattened the World These are the ten factors describing how the world is becoming “flat” or globally interconnected, thereby allowing businesses all over the world to compete on a more equal playing field. 1. The New Age of Creativity (the fall of the Berlin Wall) This event “tipped the balance of power across the world toward those advocating democratic, consensual, free-market-oriented governance, and away from those advocating authoritarian rule with centrally planned economies...

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My Role in Creating a Peaceful World

Writer: Michael Lam My role in creating a peaceful world My idea of a peaceful world is a world free from terrorists, where people put aside their differences and live together as one. People help others in times of needs without the thought of any returns. Most importantly, the idea of a peaceful world in my opinion is everyone being happy. Growing up in a broken family, I was often unhappy due to...

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The world is flat

Convergence” I. Summary/Synopsis Thomas L.Friedman, The World is Flat: a brief history of the twenty-first century. Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007. Friedman discusses the "triple convergence." The convergence of the ten flatteners had created a whole new platform. It is a global, Web-enabled platform for multiple forms of collaboration. This platform enables individuals, groups, companies, and universities anywhere in the world to collaborate - for the purposes of innovation, production...

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Money Makes the World Go Round

Introductions Topic: “Money makes the world go round.” Do you agree? 1. 1 witty, extraterrestrial point of view “Save up to 50% !” – “Earn 300$ in one week !” – “Good looking woman seeks millionaire”. If these everyday TV and radio signals were received by some extraterrestrials, they would probably think of earthlings as creatures whose only purpose in life is to accumulate as much money as possible. But is money really a factor of such great importance as society and especially the media...

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Animal Farm Real World Example

quench this thirst it has gone as far as genocide; but has often employed more subtle techniques, such as mind control. In today’s socio-economical and political worlds, mind control plays a key role in dictating tastes and lifestyles; as well as controlling political thoughts, views, and people’s understanding of the world. It is accomplished using various channels to condition people’s thinking. Publicity and advertisement campaigns saturate people with products, broadcasting over...

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Technology: Hard Disk Drive and World

In todays world people may be think that technology will take over the world. Well in some case it may be right and in others its not. It’s just the way you look at it. You may also see how fast technology is growing and how it’s taking over. You may see it as an alien that is taking over the world. Well it may be right. How does it seem like a alien, well according to “Aliens behind the World Government” By D.M. Talks about how aliens are altering the human brain and thoughts. So that...

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Discovery Channel and Modern World Television

Television In today modern world television is the most popular and recognized from of media and most homes in the western and developed worlds own one. That small (in some cases rather large) box sitting in your lounge is your connection to the outside world. It is an indispensable item and many of us cannot imagine life without it. As with everything, there are several advantages and disadvantages with the television. The most important advantage we get by using a television is to get fast...

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The Bible vs. World on a Turtles Back

The Bible vs. The World on a Turtle’s Back The coming of man has always been ambiguous. Religion, ethnicity, and culture all participate in the coming of man. How mankind came into existence has many different versions, many of which lie in the Torah, Koran, and Bible. “The World on a Turtle’s Back” is the Iroquois belief of creation, divergent to “The Creation Story” from the Bible. Though these versions are about the same topic, they both differ on several accounts. “And God said, let there...

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Role of Science in Building a Better World

THE ROLE OF SCIENCE IN BUILDING A BETTER WORLD Organized by The Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO Endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, Japan Broadcasting Corporation Nikkei Inc., Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education CATEGORY :YOUTH CATEGORY ESSAY TITLE :TINKER BELL:SCIENCE OF DREAMS NAME :LUQMAN HAKIM BIN MOHD AZHAR POSTAL ADDRESS :1229 LAHAR TABUT, 13100 PENAGA...

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In The Days When The World Was Wide

In The Days When The World Was Wide The world is narrow and ways are short, and our lives are dull and slow, For little is new where the crowds resort, and less where the wanderers go; Greater, or smaller, the same old things we see by the dull road-side — And tired of all is the spirit that sings of the days when the world was wide. When the North was hale in the march of Time, and the South and the West were new, And the gorgeous East was a pantomime, as it seemed in our boyhood's view; When Spain...

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Cadbury`S World Case Study

A1 Segmentation of the Cadbury’s World target market is based not only on age, but also on social, economic, demographic and psychological factors. Using data from the Target Market Profile Sheet and looking at the lifestage segmentation it can be concluded that Full Nesters are more likely to visit Cadbury World because of children’s attractions. Also, the consumers’ activities, interests and opinions are a very important factor in defining this venue’s target market. On studying the Profile Sheet...

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Religion vs Science: the Creation of the World

Creation of the Earth: Scientific and religious facts The World has its own history of how and when it was created and sometimes is hard to believe what is real about that history. Science exposes the truth with arguments based on experiments. However, religion, specifically christian, explain this history by believing in faith. Both paths are fair and justified, but still, science highlights more. Science can explain how the World works in all of its aspects like macro external and micro external;...

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Money makes the world go round

self-value nowadays . But if we want to know the possibilities for spiritual growth or moral development in human beings we must answer the question what money means in our life? It can be compared with a huge piston in the engine that pushes the world. 1 am saying this because it is one of my beliefs that, if not every decision, at least a majority of them are made with the consequence of money in our mínd. For example my friend and I were exchanging our opinions on a certain movie the other day...

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World Peace: in the Perspective of Chinese Philosophy

World Peace! Ever since, man has struggled for peace. There have been many efforts put forth that intend to alleviate conflicts and restore peaceful relationships. However, much as we want to attain peace by doing any peace agreements possible, we are still no where near from that goal. Conflicts and disagreements that have exacerbated into violent combats are constantly plaguing the planet. Isolated cases of violence are present everywhere, both small and big scale hostilities afflicts...

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Why the World Should Be Living Smaller

Humanities Essay Why the world should not be living smaller. With an ever-changing world, we cannot afford to be living smaller for the sake of others, let alone ourselves. Our economy is already unstable as it is. If people decide to live smaller, the rotation of money will slow down, only aiding the cease of the economy. Wants drive the economy. People buy what they want, and that keeps money in circulation. The world survives on the economy, and having a slow circulation of money...

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World Systems

WORLD SYSTEMS The world history does not always go in the same route. Change in the balance of power all around the world and existence of big events such as the foundation of press are effective in the conversion of the way it goes. With the effect of these rotations, systems are also changing. The world system between 600 and 1500 is not same with the system after 1500. This differentiation in system at that time was related to the exploration of America. After the big geographical explorations...

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The World is Flat

Thomas Friedman "The World is Flat" Study Guide and Note Sheet Chapter One: "While You Were Sleeping"     How did Friedman accidentally discover that the world is "flat"? When he was in India doing an interview     What are some anecdotes that illustrate Friedman's initial discoveries of the flat world? The software that he was using to understand the world’s economics was being produced in India, China, and Japan, these “third world countries” that we look down upon...

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The Perfect World

perfect worlds. Some people want riches, others want peace. It seems that people are never capable of agreeing on what the perfect world should include. The realization of most perfect worlds is impossible because of the fact that people can't agree. Therefore the perfect world would be one in which everyone agreed all the time. In a world where everyone agreed , argument and conflict would be eliminated. The world would become a lot less diverse, and a lot more simple. In the perfect world, people...

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Family Backgroud Affects How a Person Perceives the World

Every person perceives the world differently as each and every one of the human being is grown in a different family. The family background of a person can mould that person into who the parents once were in order for the person to blend in into the society. As the saying goes, no man is an island, the human being is unable to live a peaceful and normal life without company. This is where the family comes into account where that person will learn how to socialise with the others and in turn, influences...

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"Love Calls Us to the Things of This World" Analysis

the Things of This World” by Richard Wilbur is a poem about our reason for living. The reason we get up every morning and go about our day according to Wilbur is love. The title of this poem clearly is making that statement. The title however is not quite enough to portray exactly what it is that we are being called back from. When we are sleeping, our souls become part of a peaceful and pure realm. In contrast the waking world is full of stress and undesirable challenges, a world in which the soul...

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English Final on connecting Waiting for Gadot and The Blazing World

the novel The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish we see just how much language has control over literature. Both of these works of art have the underlining theme of language controlling the power. This paper will demonstrate how the characters that articulate their language elegantly display the most power. Estrogen and Valdimir in Waiting for Gadot demonstrate their dependence on Gadot and lack of power, which is shown in their language, while the Empress in Blazing Worlds holds all the power through...

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Preventing a Brave New World; Cloning of Human Embryos

Preventing a Brave New World | Abstract Leon Kass’s provides a compelling article on why the world should ban cloning. Kass’ article, “Preventing a Brave New World”, provides Kass’ theories of if society progresses on its current path, society would start to turn to cloning as an alternative to typical reproduction. Cloning offers a way to design an offspring rather than the typical experience of child raising. Kass believes if cloning is not banned, society will be more dependent...

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How We Can Maintain World Peace

personal choice our by our. Ask yourself, “Am I going to add to the sightseeing in the world? Or after a something greater?” It is heard to stay peaceful if we are over whelmed by life. Find some peace, calm and stability in your inner world so you can be kinder in your outer world. Do whatever soothes you daily. Others may want to waste their precious time focusing on the prestige ugliness in the world. Are the one who focuses on the positive and the magic happening? Our thoughts are powerful...

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How Technology Make a World a Better Place to Live

Essay:Has technology made the world a better place to live ? Can someone rate it plz? Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Technology has made the world a better place to live.  Technology has greatly improved as time is passing; Scientists are continually working in order to develop useful products, in which facilitate our lives. Even though some people say that technology has lessen our lives’ quality, I think that it has made the world a better place to live. Technology provides...

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Puritan Ideals of Work and Play in Our World Today

Puritan Ideals of Work and Play in Our World Today When Columbus landed in the New World in 1492, he changed the world forever. When the Puritans landed in the same New World, they changed the tides of America’s future everlastingly as well. They brought with them many ideas that are still being used today. The Puritan work ethic was a huge portion of the beliefs carried by the community; it was the idea that all members should strive to do as much as they could for the community, and all should...

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How the World Will Look Like in the Next 50 Years

How the World will look like in the next 50 years People have always been intrigued of what the future will look like. The answers are quite simple and here you have them for the next 50 years. How can we know what the future will look like? To be able to understand the future, you must know the past. What has taken us to where we are today and what has changed along the way. The world has changed a lot in the last 150 years, but we humans are driven by the same basic needs as we were 150 years...

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