What Do You Understand by the Term Globalization

Topics: Globalization, The World Is Flat, Economics Pages: 8 (3119 words) Published: August 30, 2010
Title : What do you understand by the term globalization? Why has interest in globalization intensified in recent years?

If searching on Google website and type the word "Globalization", just 0.22 second you will receive a substantial number of nearly 24 million results. This shows that "globalization" is a word being most mentioned in our world today. Globalization has been defined with numerous and widely differing meanings dating back to 1870 as "economic integration through trade, migration, capital flows and communication" (Mann, 2005).Globalization has been defined with numerous and widely differing meanings dating back to 1870 as "Economic integration through trade, migration, communication and Capital Flows" (Mann, 2005).Tuy nhiên cho đến nay, người ta vẫn chưa thể thống nhất về khái niệm toàn cầu hóa. But until now, however, people still can not agree on the concept of globalization. Saskia Sassen writes that "a good part of globalization consists of an enormous variety of micro-processes that begin to denationalize what had been constructed as national — whether policies, capital, political subjectivity, urban spaces, temporal frames, or any other of a variety of dynamics and domains." In his book, David Held has cited some different perceptions about this theory. Some authors claim that the unification between economic and culture has extended the globalization process, others “look at the significance of increases connectedness” (Held, 2004:13). There is also idea which compared globalization with “Americanization” as Gidden argues : “many of the most visible cultural expressions of globalization are American – Coca Cola, McDonald’s, CNN” (Gidden, 2002:15) Những quan điểm khác nhau này phản ánh phạm vi bao trùm và tính phức tạp của toàn cầu hóa.These different views reflect the covering scope and the complexities of globalization. Bao trùm đến nỗi hình như mỗi người đều nhận thấy mình bị toàn cầu hóa tác động theo cách này hay cách khác và phức tạp đến nỗi không một cá nhân nào có thể nhận thức đầy đủ về nó. Covering in such a way that it seems everyone feel the impact of globalization in this way or another and it is too complicated that no individual can be fully aware of it. Mục đích của bài viết này sẽ nhằm thể hiện một số suy nghĩ cá nhân về the term of Globalisation.The purpose of this article is to show some personal thoughts on the term of Globalization. Bài viết tập trung chủ yếu vào tình hình hiện tại của Việt Nam trong một số lĩnh vực như văn hóa, kinh tế, xã hội. It focuses mainly on the current situation of Vietnam in a number of areas such as cultural, economic and social. What is globalisation?

In a simplest way, globalization can be understood by : “A process in which economic, political and cultural activities take place in a global space, are deliberately organized on a global scale, and are globally interdependent.” (Nguyen,2010). For example, nowadays, English is considered as an international language, many people like to eat McDonald’s hamburger, drink Coca Cola and wear American jeans.(Parvis, 2005:156) A great number of international companies like Unilever, HSBC, L’Oreal are available in many countries which form a worldwide exchange networks, connect people from all over the world. Moreover, Toàn cầu hóa về bản chất là sự mở rộng thị trường ra ngoài biên giới quốc gia, một mong muốn hiển nhiên của những quốc gia có nền kinh tế mạnh hơn, sản xuất được nhiều hàng hóa hơn so với các nước khác.globalization is by itself a market expansion beyond national borders, an obvious desire of countries with stronger economies; produce more goods than other countries. Quy luật muôn đời vẫn là: có thị trướng rộng lớn hơn, có nhiều khách hàng hơn thì lợi nhuận càng cao hơn. The eternal law remains: having broader market, more customers leading to higher profit. The effects of globalization can be seen in many different way as David held discussed : “Cultures,...

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