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Topics: The Weather Channel, Focus group, Qualitative research Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: February 1, 2009
Case 2.1

The Forecast Is Sunny for the Weather Channel!

1.The Weather Channel Web site is very comprehensive and useful. Not only does it supply you with current weather conditions around the globe, it also provides you with many other useful services. As would be expected, the most prominent features available are weather conditions. You can learn about breaking weather conditions anywhere in the world. By entering your zip code it can give you the weather report for that specific area. Included in the report is a ten-day forecast and radar photos of the region. The site also provides a Travel Wise section that allows travelers to check on flight delays and driving conditions. This section also allows you to make reservations for flights, hotels, and rental cars. Vacationers are also provided a parks and seashores link that gives forecasts for the country’s many vacation spots, as well as a link providing ski conditions and reports. Another feature of this site is the school day advice and planning section. This section not only provides weather updates, it also gives tips for dressing and going to school. Lastly, the Weather Channel Web site has a business services section. Here, they provide seven categories of business services. Within each category is a list of links pertaining to that particular service.

2.Other potential sources of information include the National Weather Service, Network TV stations, local TV stations, national and local newspapers, and local radio stations.

3.Qualitative research can be very helpful in identifying motives, which lead to the need for the weather information. Some of these motives could be need for security and protection, control, achievement, socialization, self-esteem, entertainment, etc.

The most appropriate qualitative research technique is focus groups. Weather is not a sensitive topic and people will not be inhibited in talking about it in groups. The group dynamics will lead to a lot of...
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