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Intelligence can be measured using assessment tools like reliability, validity and standardization in order to meet the following criteria, EXCEPT clarity

Ivan Pavlov is not a pioneering in the study of human intelligence

Francis Galton spearheaded the study of eugenics.

Eugenics is a kind of social psychology that uses modern techniques to improve human hereditary traits.

Intelligence is the ability to learn from experience, to reason well and to cope with the demands of daily living.

James Cattell introduced the psychometric perspective.

The Committee on the Psychological Examination of Recruits developed the Army Alpha & Beta Intelligence Tests.

I.Q. Ratio can be measured by dividing the mental age with the chronological age multiplied to a hundred.

Wilhelm Wudnt influenced James McKeen Cattell to study psychology in a different approach?

Charles Spearman is the Father of Classical Test Theory

Psychometric approach asserts that intelligence can be mathematically measured.

Accountant are professionals exemplifies logical-mathematical intelligence

Practical describes an individual who has the ability to solve problems which can be applied to everyday context.

Drive Theory suggests that a (motivated) behavior exists for the inner tension needs to be reduced in order to suppress unmet needs/ drives.

Mesothelioma is an aggressive type of cancer which usually grows in a kind of membrane that protects our body organs.

Crystallized intelligence involves needed and appropriate skills in different kinds of activities depending on the demands and environments of the person.

According to the book Solving the Emotional Energy Crisis, what should you do if you tend to be holding on to something that has already been lost?, it should be cry all your tears. .
In the same book stated above, over commitment drains energy. Say yes to yourself must you do to solve this problem.

Individuals who are ready to commit are said to be risk takers.

Joy emotion is seen through physical gestures and expressive feelings such as smiling, harmony, and peace?

Sadness is a brief emotion of sorrow.

Guilt, Anger and Grief are extreme types of emotion, according to Sid Cormier (1992), EXCEPT: Suprise

Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion is a theory of emotion understands emotional behavior in a traditional approach by stating that we tend to produce emotions when we are engaged in a particular event

Stimuli is the cause of the electrical patterns within the brain that have significant effect in the intelligence quotient ratio, as stated in electrophysiological evidence

Exhaustion is the last part of Seyle's stages of the general adaptation syndrome, wherein the individual has insufficient amount of energy that were used during the prolonged state of stress.

Overall score concepts reflects the ability of an examinee/ test-taker to make use of his verbal and performance scores

Cleaning the streets could not be closely related to 'associationism.

Robert Yerkes argued that society is likely to achieve its end if humanity decided to undergo the process of intentional and selective breeding.

L.L. Thurstone conducted the first research on the multiple factors of intelligence.

'WAIS' mean: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

Burnout Syndrome refers to a syndrome that depresses mental and physical functioning and is usually the result of chronic work-related stress.

According to Goleman, emotional intelligence is the ability to manage feelings so that they are expressed appropriately and effectively.

Recognizing that you have a choice shows optimism.

Creating a more compassionate world through empathy and principled decision-making means you "give yourself".

resilience and renewal refers to the individual's ability to adjust on odd but relevant conditions that may affect his personal perspective about life in general.

According to...
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