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Topics: Earth, Human, The Age of Stupid Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: December 7, 2012
1. Name: The age of stupid
Producer: Franny Armstrong
Presenter: Pete Postlethwaite
Type: Documentary
This documentary is about the influence of people on the total destruction of the Earth as we know it.

2. According to the presenter and producer it is our fault the earth over floods (seen in the intro). The main problem that caused the world-wide flooding and the end of the world population of people and animals as we know it was us. the human race. Or mostly they set the blame to the big companies as Shell Nigeria and other big multinationals. Another part of the blame are the corrupt governments where when they find oil, which could mean new welfare to the country, instead the corrupt rich get richer, the poor are getting the blame for something they didn’t do and get poorer by the day.

3. The documentary was made from sketches with a duration of about four to six minutes till the presenter came back in the screen and then there is another sketch for about five to ten minutes. The information you get are hypothesis told as the truth, for example they say the world is lost at 2055 but no-one is able to show proof for that opinion. About the recording of the sketches all of them are seen as there is no camera to show their daily life like the scene in the middle-east. In Nigeria on the other hand they interview the local people who suffer by the corrupt government. But still you see enough of their daily life.

4. I think it a good documentary for every one because compared to other programmes I’ve seen, mostly on National Geographic, they really show why they think that the Earth is doomed and the other programmes do not do this. But they should not tell a hypothesis as a fixed truth, because otherwise they are paranormally gifted. But they make it clear why we should change some of our habits like energy consumption, like turning off the lights in an empty office building. Saving energy saves the world.
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