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Political Corruption

Maygar Political Science 6 17 March 2014 Corruption Research Project Throughout the world, a fundamental truth that must be acknowledged is that our governments are plagued by corruption. This corruption is a pervasive force firmly entrenched across all societies. With that being said, not all governments were created equal. Corruption manifests itself in a multitude of manners causing some countries to be more corrupted than others. The chief focus of this paper is to examine corruption across...

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What is Political Corruption

Abuse (Political Corruption) Abuse, within the context of political corruption, is the wanton neglect of duty in the pursuit of other motivations. More specifically, it is the use of influence or power for a purpose not originally intended, as judged by law, pragmatism, and culture. In order to categorize an activity as an abuse, there needs to be either a breach of jurisdiction or a breach in the extent a power is exercised within the correct jurisdiction. For example, in Bai Ganyo: Incredible...

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Political Corruption and Empowerment

lives but should be given the opportunity where possible. Empowerment Empowerment is an initiated process that enables the masses to gain power and extend it in such a way that they can use this power to share in changing social, economic and political structures. Empowerment is successful if the participants regard the result of their action as beneficial. Therefore participation is a cornerstone of empowerment. It is a prerequisite for achieving empowerment. Empowerment is one of the consequences...

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Corruption is, indeed, an issue of concern to those who are committed to global justice. However, it is not just a development issue. Corruption occurs in all countries, where the mix of opportunity and inclination exists, especially in the interface between the private and public sector. Where it exists, corruption destabilises democratic government, harms trade and investment, threatens the environment and encourages the abuse of human rights. It impinges on basic social services and threatens...

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Political Corruption

Political Corruption - Political corruption is one of the biggest problems in the United States government, but not just here in America, in other parts of the world as well. This global issue is making big headlines and it is all over the internet, yet people still don’t fully believe that U.S. politicians are corrupt. The people that are making all of the “under the table” deals have got the American people blinded with false promises. The national debt is growing and we, the people, are...

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Does Political Corruption Affect Economic Growth in Transitional Democracies?

Author by ------------------------------------------------- Mohamed Waheed Does Political Corruption affect Economic Growth in Transitional Democracies? The call for democracy in the name of economic growth and prosperity has never been louder than it is today. Recent movements such as the “Arab Spring” are attempts to establish a democratic system of government in countries where authoritarians, bribery, and abject poverty are widespread. According Nye (2009), a professor of economics at...

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Corruption in Sports

Corruption in sports has often been big news.  Whether related to match-fixing in soccer, involving referees, goalies or other players — be them in Italy, Germany, Kenya, Brazil, China, or elsewhere —, or in cricket, or in other sports.  Or buying the votes of some members of the International Olympics Committee (IOC), so to give the award to the the briber’s city.  Or judges making backroom deals in figure skating.  While such cases of corruption have taken place, it is not clear that it is a systemic...

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Corruption in Ca

28, 2012 Political Corruption in Central America: Assessment and Explanation Political corruption is indisputably a hindering factor for growth in Central American countries. In some such as Honduras and Nicaragua there is a more distinguishable amount than in others, say Panama and Costa Rica. In this analysis, Dr. Mark Ruhl goes over two different types of corruption in the political arena in Central American countries. Grand corruption involving senior officials, and petty corruption dealing...

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Corruption in Russia

The Two Sides of Corruption in Russia Corruption in Russia has been prominent since it was legal in the 17th century, when the tsar’s officers were allowed to take bribes. It was then illegalized, however never quite faded away especially during Soviet times when the conditions of the living people were harsh. It is still prominent in Russia today since the new capitalist country has not fully moved on from its socialist past. Understanding the historical content of corruption is critical in order...

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Corruption in China

While corruption is said to generate inefficiency and retard growth in a country (Ackerman, 1997), China manages to deliver astronomical economic growth amidst rampant corruption (Li, Peng, 2001). To explain China’s puzzle, the essay first focuses on the causes of corruption and why it has yet to be eradicated, and then analyzes its economic impact in the short and long run. The rise of corruption in China can be attributed to the structure of its economic institutions. Starting off with a unified...

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Democracy & Corruption

dictatorship has been dominating the political system by running façade or shame democracies. The Preamble of the constitution of India after expressing faith in the sovereignty of” we the people” describe the five features of Indian State – Sovereign , socialist, secular Democratic republic. The term Sovereign state, India is free to determine its internal and external policies and decision. As a socialist state India posits faith in social – economic and political justice equality and socio-economic...

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Political Corruption

Causes of Corruption in PAKISTAN Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority. Corruption is an evil which has played havoc with the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Corruption is a curse and major hurdle to the progress of Pakistan. Pakistan faces many types of corruption. Commonly known types are 1) Systematic corruption 2) Sporadic (individual) corruption 3) Political (grand)...

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Corruption in India

So how many of you know what is corruption? And position at which India stands in corruption? Well, India stands at 2nd position after China in corruption. So to define corruption in bookish terms is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power. Corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement. Government, or 'political', corruption occurs when an office-holder or other governmental employee acts...

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Ethics and Corruption

What is corruption? Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It is damaging to a country because decisions are taken not for the public benefit but to serve private interests. Corruption undermines good governance, fundamentally distorts public policy, leads to misallocation of resources, and particularly hurts the poor. There is a case in 29th July 1995, where the collapse of the Sampoong Superstore in Seoul, South Korea, represents an example of a structural collapse attributed...

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Corruption in Egypt

Corruption in Egypt “Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery” (Oxforddictionaries.com) is one out of the many definitions that define corruption. Corruption is something that takes place almost every day anywhere around the world, but nothing surpasses the level corruption that has been taking place over decades in Egypt. Corruption in Egypt has reached a point were as locals of the country define corruption “Egypt”. This crime against the county has been...

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Political Corruption

collectively decided to crack down on corruption? Is this crack-down a permanent change or just a temporary phase? a. Over a decade, Corruption has become a serious threat for every nation as it directly impacts the country’s economy thereby its overall growth at all levels. b. Corruption is considered to be a global disease which has already spread across the universe in a drastic manner and no country can be proud to say that they are corruption free. But in the recent era, many countries...

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Anti-corruption practices in companies

Reasons of corruption appearance Corruption is a complex socio-economic phenomenon which has no single canonical definition. The concept of corruption is ambiguous. Some evidence can be attributed to it without any hesitation while the others are controversial (bribery of public servants, buffet for the press or potential partner). In business there is no single estimate of bribes, there are different opinions: "Normal" payment services; "Dubious" from a moral point of view; Act that deserves...

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woman and political status

Woman and Political status According to UN women executive Michelle Bachelet (2012), ‘’Democracy grows stronger with the full and equal participation of women”. Today, as women form half of the world population, their voices are still lacking in politics. According to UN women (2011), worldwide, less than one in five members of most parliaments is a woman. And women make up less than 10 percent of world leaders. Simply turn on the television and one will find that most world leaders are men...

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Corruption Destroys Societies

CORRUPTION DESTROYS SOCIETIES, REPORT IT TO US. LET US STOP CORRUPTION! Corruption is becoming prevalent all over the world. Corruption hurts economies, people, and governments.  Corruption is unethical, immoral, and illegal in many societies, religions, and countries. It needs to be stopped. Private organizations, United Nations, and some governments have attempted to stop corruption or at least have tried to prevent it. They have failed, however.  This site is an attempt to expose countries...

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How Effective Are Anti-corruption Strategies in Developing Countries?

Although corruption is not a new phenomenon, in recent years, corruption has become a major issue in developing countries; it is also widespread and part of everyday life. Not only that, corruption has become a serious obstacle in the development process of developing countries. Because of corruption good governance can be weakened, public policy can be misrepresented and it can also lead to misallocation of resources and harm the economic development (Bardhan, 1997; Rose-Ackerman, 1999, as cited...

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Political Dynasties Reign in the Philippines

A Reflection on Philippine Politics “Political Dynasties Reign in the Philippines” According to Renaldo Mendoza, executive director of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center, “political dynasties continue to monopolize political power in many local governments like provinces, municipalities and cities nationwide, and categorized current reigning political clans as “fat” or “thin” dynasties.” Mendoza said “fat” dynasties are political families that have several members holding...

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corruption in indian sports

Corruption In Sports Money Matters the Most Sport is a big phenomenon of today, it is very important part of today life. However, sport is rather contradictory phenomenon. It is connected with big humanistic values and it formats life and values of billions of people on the one side. It is also connected with dirty business, doping, corruption and violence on the other side. Corruption in sport should be matter of concern not of pessimism. We are not speaking about decline of sport values. But...

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Religion and Corruption in Nigeria

Religion and corruption in Nigeria In the constitution of our nation religion feature prominently at the very beginning. I the preamble to the 199 constitution, it is affirmed and solemnly resolved that we intend to live in hrity and harmony as one indivisible and in dissolvable fevereigh nation under God. Indeed the overwhelming mighty of Nigerian are religions people we believe in the supremacy of God, we believe that God is the very basis of our individual lives and our corporate existence...

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Curbing Graft and Corruption

Curbing Graft and Corruption A DBM Job That Goes Beyond Budgeting Itself By: John E. Lansangan Department of Budget and Management With the financial crisis slowly creeping out itself from the Asian economic landscape, many countries in Asia have realized how crucial the policy and structural reforms that they laid down in the past two decades were. Many weaknesses were exposed ranging from governmental to economic, financial to political, and social to moral. One area that has been...

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Bureaucracy, Corruption & Deception

Gogal's famous play about government bureaucracy, coruption and deception. A satirical account of Russion Government and society. "The Inspector" Bureaucracy, Corruption and Deception-- How Gogol using satire, ridicules the bureaucracy of the Russian government through scenes of corruption, deception and self-deception. The Mayor’s famous line, as he turns to address the audience directly, “What are you laughing at? You are laughing at yourselves,” (p. 120) illustrates this theme, which is...

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Why has it been so hard to eradicate corruption in Asia?

Corruption is a global problem that poses a threat to economic growth, democracy and the political stability of both wealthy and poor countries alike (Gomez, 2002). Furthermore, Farazmand (1999: 518) argues that "corruption challenges the very foundations of societal health and destroys citizens' trust in leadership and system". Consequently many countries have attempted to curb internal corruption that affects all levels of government and society. However, Asian countries have been particular unsuccessful...

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can corruption be curbed in the public sector

QUESTION: CAN CORRUPTION BE CURBED IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR? The question concerning the eradication of corruption from either the public or private sector has been asked and looked at a countless number of times. But if we look at corruption like a cancerous tumor which encourages a belief that once found it can be surgically removed with no ill effect, it can give us an insight to knowing that corruption can only be eradicated if only we can find the answer. Corruption can be defined as the abuse...

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Corruption as a Political Challenge in Philippines

CORRUPTION AS A POLITICAL CHALLENGE IN PHILIPPINES By Romil Jagunap I. INTRODUCTION Philippines held its 15th presidential election last May 10, 2010. The obvious winner of the said election was Mr. Benigno “Noynoy” Aguino III. He won by landslide garnering 42% from more than 36 million total votes. Noynoy won the heart of the Filipino people during the May 2010 election thru his campaign on clean government and on his fight to eradicate corruption to drive economic growth...

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AND ETHICS ASSIGMENT: FRAUD AND CORRUPTION TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction……………………………………………………………...3 Ethical issues………………………………………………………….....3 Impact on organization………………………………………………....3 Measures to be enforced………………………………………………..4 References………………………………………………………………6 INTRODUCTION Fraud and corruption is one of the biggest issues that the...

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Thomas Nast- Political Cartoons

The Influence of Political Cartoons on America For all of our History, scholars have questioned which group of people drove the changes during the Progressive era (1865-1900). While it is possible to argue that wealthy, elite Americans drove the changes during this era because of their prominent influence on the American political structure, this argument would be fallacious at its core. This argument does not take into consideration the mass of middle class Americans that strove for economic...

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what should the mass media do to help reduce corruption

media do to help reduce corruption in nigeria By: Amoka Eunice O. 08BE07309 Introduction The destructive impacts of corruption in the lives of nations throughout the world is acknowledged. Corruption is one factor that can impede the accelerated socio-economic transformation of developing countries of the world (Alawode, 2008). Corruption can be defined as the misappropriation of public resources to private ends (Ojo, 2003). Adeyemi (2013), also defines corruption as efforts to secure wealth...

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How Can High Levels of Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe Be Explained? What Impact Does It Have on Societies at Large?

How can high levels of corruption in Central and Eastern Europe be explained? What impact does it have on societies at large? Corruption constitutes a significant part of politics in Eastern Europe to the extent that “talking about corruption is the way post- communist public talks about politics, economy about past and future” (Krastov, p 43). Transparency International defines corruption as “a misuse of public power for the private gain at the expense of the public good”. There are different...

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Corruption in Bolt's 'Man for All Seasons'

daughter, though he feels the need to protect them from perjuring themselves, a corruption stemming from one of the hardest temptations, protecting their family from harm. Rich and Cromwell are nearer to the lower pole in the play, the former making the complete arc from innocence to its opposite, and the latter starting from a place of moral bankruptcy and guiding Rich there with him. In between is the political corruption of King Henry who won’t let “all the Popes back to St. Peter [get] between me...

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Critical Analysis of Corruption

OF CORRUPTION Critical Analysis of Corruption Ricky A Price, Col U.S.A.F. (Ret) Kaplan University Online CJ340-02: Applied Criminal Justice Ethics Professor Kevin Stoehr 17 July 2012 Introduction Corruption is the use of entrusted authority for private gain. Corruption has two sides, the receiver and the giver. According to Myint (2000), both parties to corruption engage in the practice to gain from it and, therefore, both should be accounted for the practice. Corruption is vital...

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The Effect of Corruption on Economic Growth

Economic growth The effect of corruption on economic growth has been extensively researched in the last two decades. While not denying that corruption may have played a positive role at particular times in specific countries, it leads to lower growth, hampering both private and productive government spending in investments and inhibiting the efficiency of public services. Corruption can also affect the growth rate through distortions in tax collection, the level of public expenditure and the composition...

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Effects of Corruption in the Military

The Effects of Military Corruption (an Opinion by Emil Jurado Published at the Manila Standard, February 9, 2011) A Reaction Paper Submitted by RAQUEL G. DE LEON A Reaction Paper on “Effects of Corruption in the Military” It is surprising to hear from the news nowadays that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) tops the list of the country’s most corrupt organizations. It seems like gone were the days when the Philippine National Police (PNP) hugs the limelight as the most...

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The Asean Economic Community and Corruption

fungglobalinstitute.org/publications/articles/the-asean-economic-community-and-corruption-400.html The Asean Economic Community and Corruption AUTHOR(S): BARBARA MEYNERT DATE: 07 - Mar 2013 TAGS: Asean , Thailand , Infrastructure development , Corruption THEME(S): Governance As countries in Asean gear up for economic integration in 2015, Fung Global Institute Director, Barbara Meynert, asks whether corruption in Thailand will derail crucial inter-regional infrastructure projects. The 10-member...

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Introduction Corruption is a disease, a cancer that eats into the cultural, political and economic fabric of society, and destroys the functioning of vital organs. In the words of Transparency International, “Corruption is one of the greatest challenges of the contemporary world.” It undermines good government, fundamentally distorts public policy, leads to the misallocation of resources, harms the private sector and private sector development and particularly hurts the poor. Corruption also defined...

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What does the 'Trial of Verres' reveal about provincial malpractice and corruption in the Roman Courts.

'Trial of Verres' is focused on the failings of Gaius Verres as he rose up in the Roman political system to the level of governor, and his subsequent attempts to corrupt the court system in order to be acquitted and avoid a legitimate trial. Cicero doesn't attempt to portray Verres' situation as unique, and states that these acts of corruption and provincial malpractice are rampant throughout the Roman political system. Cicero systematically goes through Verres' misdoings in each of his positions,...

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CORRUPTION SCANDALS IN THE PHILIPPINES Nowadays foreigners and citizens alike say that the Philippines has the most corrupt leadership and economy. Corruption in the Philippines has become "a humanitarian crisis" and scandals increasingly seem to dominate the news. The worsening corruption has eaten up the right of every citizen to good governance, freedom, decent life, and more importantly his or her dignity. Corruption is a serious obstacle to the social and economic development of a...

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Corruption in any form is treated as an incurable disease, a cause of many social and economical evils in the society and it damages the moral and ethical fibres of the civilization. Indisputably, it is correct that corruption breeds many evils in the society and once corruption starts taking place, slowly and gradually whole country passes through its net and it becomes after sometime an incurable disease. From the point of view of economic growth, there seems to be no clear cut correlation between...

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Co-ordination failure - corruption in government

by benefitting from monies captured from public enterprises. Corruption is a non-productive economic activity and therefore governments need to make sure that economic agents working for the public have the incentive to work productively with those in the private sector. If this happens then economies are more likely to be able to move out of poverty traps. When there is corruption present, the very existence of it breeds more corruption since if other people are dishonest then others are likely to...

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Corruption in India Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority. Corruption has been defined variously by scholars. But the simple meaning of it is that corruption implies perversion of morality, integrity, character or duty out of mercenary motives, i.e. bribery, without any regard to honour, right and justice. In other words, undue favour for any one for some monetary or other gains is corruption...

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Political Corruption: Causes, Effects and Remedies Introduction Corruption is like a parasite1; that resides in the body and feeds from the essential nutrients being given to the being. This parasite is growing at a rapid pace and is feeding on individuals and on society. There will come a time where in this parasite may grow into such a giant that living itself may become a challenge. It is surely beckoning our country India and we need to address this problem. At present there are only a few who...

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Young: Political Corruption

the youths must follow; which may help to control the corruption. 1. Refuse to pay bribes and/or report requests for bribes from public officials; 2. Send articles on corruption to the media or start a newsletter by youth; 3. Bring the concept of social hates to the corrupted people in society. 4. Form anti-corruption clubs in schools/colleges that organize social events, stimulate group discussions, request that courses on anti-corruption, good governance and ethics be included in the school...

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Political Corruption

Political corruption is the use of legislated powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain. Misuse of government power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents and general police brutality, is not considered political corruption. Neither are illegal acts by private persons or corporations not directly involved with the government. An illegal act by an officeholder constitutes political corruption only if the act is directly related to their official duties. Forms...

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“How Are Ralph, Winston and the Imperfections in Their Characters Used to Contrast the Corruption Surrounding Them?”

the imperfections in their characters used to contrast the corruption surrounding them?” One can perceive a character not just by what they do that distinguishes them, but what they do that any normal person would do. “Lord of the Flies” and “1984” both involve corrupt governments, with manipulative figures such as Jack and Big Brother respectively. Ralph and Winston share a natural susceptibility to the attraction of this corruption, and the authors use this weakness to reveal much more about...

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Kellog Brown & Root in Nigeria Corruption Case

Kellogg Brown & Root in Nigeria Corruption Case The firm Halliburton acquired Dresser Industries in the year of 1998. Among Dresser’s businesses was M. W. Kellog, which was combined with an existing Halliburton business and renamed Kellog Brown and Root. By that time, Kellog was expecting to build a series of liquefied natural gas in Nigeria, but in order to do that it was required to win an initial contract form the Nigerian Government. At the beginning everything was going according to plans,...

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We Can Save India from the Fangs of Corruption.

Topic: - We can save India from the fangs of corruption. Dharminder Singh Kaleka Yadavindra Public School, Patiala-147001 ...

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 CORRUPTION Corruption is a feature of African, social, political and even religious life with disastrous consequences. It not only impedes economy development but also increases poverty by making a few individuals richer and many poorer. So corruption can be defined as making someone morally corrupt or becoming morally corrupt oneself. Forms of corruption Bribery-This is giving money or favors to someone who is in a position of trust, in order to prevent...

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Political Corruption

The main forms of corruption are bribery, fraud, embezzlement and extortion. These concepts do sometimes overlap, but through them, some of the basic characteristics of corruption can be identified. The reason why young people should fight corruption has to do with the fact that it destroys the system of values in society. Youth is part of civil society and carries the future in its hand and the fact that you are able to look at society in a refreshing way allows you to find alternative solutions...

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Jamaica’s political culture and economic realities are constraints that the government must grapple with as it attempts to grow the country out of this recession

the tourism, real estate industries as well as the new and used car sectors. However, on the other hand, they have also introduced a petroleum and communication tax increases all geared towards economic growth. In spite of the above, Jamaica’s political culture and economic realities are constraints that the government must grapple with as it attempts to grow the country out of this recession. Bruce Goldings ‘New Deal’ is primarily geared towards economic growth. These policies, even after implementation...

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Radio Is an Important, Highly Influential Political Tool

effect of radio in the political climate is often overlooked. Nevertheless throughout the ages radio has proven to be a highly influential political too. Its influence able to be recorded from the early days of radio where Hitler and the Nazi’s used it as a tool to deliver propaganda to mass audiences during world war two, to the modern day where talk-back programs and shock jock radio presenters are contributing to the shaping of not only political campaigns but our entire political climate. Since...

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 Corruption “The Evil Phoenix” Subramanian Alias Vijay Pillay Stevens Institute of Technology Corruption “The Evil Phoenix” Corruption, a never heard fairy tale for some and a day to day life for others. It is a severe epidemic disease tough to cure. But the victims here are not just some people. It affects the entire world. Corruption is the biggest manifestation of greed and killer of the economic growth which has exponential systemic effects. It has been prevalent in the history and is...

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Democratic Citizenship Education and the Challenges

issues that need to be solved to sustain democracy in the country. Some of these challenges are deepening democracy, illiteracy, expansion and corruption and inefficiency. Democracies need active, informed and responsible citizens; citizens who are willing and able to take responsibility for themselves and their communities and contribute to the political process. These are the four challenges that democracy has on Citizenship education, but these challenges can and must overcome with the help of...

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When it comes to the most serious problem hindering Chinese modernization efforts today, our group considers the Knotty Political System in china as the most serious problem. To be specific, Rampant Corruption and Rule by law in political system are the focus of our presentation. Before i go into the problems, I would like to highlight the Modernization in Chinese context in terms of the direction of Chinese modernization , which is quite different  from other western countries. China's modernization...

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War Criminals

“ War Criminals are still in this country just because of political unrest and corruption” ‘The flag of independent Bangladesh flies at the front side of the car of war criminals (?) of 1971..'(Manik 2008). It’s the most hatred truth now-a days like story or poetry to the Bangladeshis who got a huge loss of lives, properties and threat in existing their lives during and after the war only for the unexpected conspiracy of those war criminals among whom many are surprisingly involved till today...

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A Modern Malolos Republic

Philippines ranked 105 with a 3.4 Corruption Percentage Index in Transparency International’s compilation of data from 176 countries. The CPI score ranks countries from 0-10, with 0 indicating that a country is perceived to be highly corrupt, and 10 means that a country is perceived to be very clean (Transparency International, 2012). Corruption proves to be that longstanding problem that Filipinos and Filipino politicians always face. Of the many means of political corruption in the Philippines today, believed...

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Citizens United V. Federal Election Comission

from 2004-2008 compared to the 300,000 increase from 2008-2012. Allowing corporations to fund ads and Political Action Committees raises awareness for elections, and potentially increase voter turnout. Contention 2: The decision by the court actually prevents corruption. Matthew Melone, a professor from Depaul University, notes that, “To believe that corporate advocacy will distort the political process and lead to public lack of confidence in the system is to miss the point that influence will continue...

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Imagery of Disease Hamlet

hate and discouragement. The thematic image of rottenness illustrates the moral and political corruption of the society in three different ways. At first, this fatal collapse begins with the foreshadowing mood in the beginning of the play. Then, it emerges into the decay of virtues and leadership from various characters. Follow by Hamlet’s mask of madness for vengeance. With no cure, the disease leads to the corruption of the country. Images of disease and sickness foreshadow the unhealthy condition...

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