Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills

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Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills
Elton Thomas
June 11, 2015
Gary Robbins

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills
Verbal and nonverbal communication along with listening skills are social tools that need to be developed in an individual if they want to be successful in todays working society. It is very rare to have a job that requires an individual to speak with absolutely no one so it is more than likely that any chosen career will require theses specific skill sets. Therefore, it is important to try to master these skills and as soon as possible. Verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and listening all have key roles in the communication process between individuals and being able to effectively use all of them can be very beneficial. People communicate in verbal and nonverbal forms ranging from face to face conversation to text messages and emails. These forms of communication can be tricky and it is important to know when to use some of them and when not to use some of them. Depending on the information that needs to be given, it may be better to give the information face to face rather than through a memo. The reason that the form of communication depends on the type of information that needs to be given is because if for example, someone is being reprimanded through an email, the person may take the words very unkindly when the sender just meant it as structural criticism, therefore causing a bigger issue. Or for example if something important needs to be handled urgently, it would be wise to let the person know face to face instead of through an email, text message, or memo because the sense of urgency may not be fully felt. Listening is a major component in communication and it is a skill that is always overlooked. Being able to truly listen and understand what the other individual is saying from their perspective, in my opinion, is the hardest skill to obtain. It is hard to obtain...
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