500 Days Of Summer

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Eye contact Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 17, 2015
Zayna Gomez
Comm 450
Professor Allen
December 2, 2014

Non-verbal communication plays a key role in signifying the status of Tom and Summer’s relationship. Provide depth examples of how proxemics, eye contact, touch, and chronemics are articulated in the film.

Interpersonal communication skills provide the tools to make a foundation for friendships and romantic relationships. Conflict and nonverbal communication are looked into with more depth in interpersonal relationships. In the movie 500 Days of Summer, audiences a lot of nonverbal communication. The movie shows characters Tom Hansen and Summer Finn during their attempts to build a relationship. Tom and Summer’s experiences shows issues such as conflicts within a romantic relationship, and nonverbal communication. In 500 Days of Summer, nonverbal communication signified a great deal between Tom and Summer. One example of nonverbal communication is when Tom reached to hold Summer’s hand in public, but Summer moved her hand quickly away from his, so that they wouldn’t hold hands. Not only was she letting him know she did not want to show affection in front of anyone, but she was stating her loss of interest in him romantically. However, moments such as this were evidence of mixed messages Summer usually showed to Tom. She did keep physical intimacy with him. However, she did not want to publicly establish a romantic relationship with him. Then again nonverbal messages are more easy to change and mean another than verbal meanings. A smile can express comfort or just being happy or smiling because someone else in smiling at you. Another example that of non verbal communication that showed, is when Tom and Summer went to the store and they were flirting with each other and playing the roles if they were all ready living together. The Proxemics in that chosen area gave them the opportunity so show more affection with each other. They had a depiction of the future they could have with one another. To...
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