Are You a Good Communicator

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Are You a Good communicator?|
Are you A Good Communicator ?|
Sharice Vanlanham|

Robert Smiles, PhD.|

”Effective listening skills are an asset in our professional and personal relationships.” ”The good news is that with the right know how and a little practice, these skills can be developed.” By Marian K, 2011. “Communication combines both speaking and listening, and there is no point of one without the other. If you only send out clear messages, but fail to receive and comprehend them, and then you failed to communicate effectively. For good communication, you need both good speaking and effective listening skill”. For example “effective listening strategies involve putting in place a number of practice’s to start an effort to block out distractions and focusing on what the speaker is saying. Also effective listening consist of understanding and correctly interpreting body language which is important because the message can only be interpreted correctly when it is received along with the body language in person. In order to developed effective listening skills, a person must put the above mentioned points into practice. One can play out effective listening activities, such as role plays”, with a friend to help you practice effective listening. Quality interpersonal relationships are important in the health care industry because effective communication in health care is crucial for health care professionals. According to Joey Papa contributor, “interpersonal communication must be clear, thorough and comprehensive. The health care industry survived on collaborate communication efforts between doctors, nurses, specialists, insurance companies and many other individuals.” “ Interpersonal communication is the glued that holds industry together.” ” It provides a safeguard of customer satisfaction and can prevent a medical mistake with huge repercussions.” In fact “communication is an essential...
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