The Products and Services of Starbucks

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Products What Starbucks stands for is not just a good cup of coffee but also the passion it pours into its product quality and its service. According to (SWOT Analysis Starbucks Strength2000), Starbucks has made a profit in excess, beside that, Reputation of Starbucks has built up mainly due to the quality of products and services. Its brand image itself is made through his main product, which is THE COFFEE. All different coffee variations are part of their product portfolio. The major priority is the consistency of the product taste and quality assurance. Referring to (SWOT Analysis Starbucks Weaknesses 2000) With the constant threat of emerging competitors on the market, it has been mostly a must for him to diversify his product. The eagerness to meet the demand versus culture of the different market demand, the stores had given birth to the customizing and adaptation of seasonal products like: Hot and beverages Coffee-related accessories and equipments Complementary food items Teas Non-food products – coffee mugs
Its unique experience is based on the customer- driven marketing strategy which is to understand the strategic importance of segmenting his target market, differentiating his products hence protecting their current customers from deserting to competitors

Communication, it binds everything together. Starting from foundation to roof of the TQM (total Quality Management) process, everything is bound by strong mortar of communication.
Somehow Starbucks gets it done through its “Five Ways of Being” A) Be Welcoming
Such a culture had created “The third Place” atmosphere in all the stores with the aim at reaching the human inner soul of the customer. Hence creating a positive encounter for consumer who will return over and again

B) Be Genuine
Though blending the same coffee at the same time, it has made it a point to ensure that the customer experience is not disturbed. He gives lots of emphasis on the quality of coffee being

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