Unit 221 Using Office Equipment

Topics: Photocopier, Paper, Multifunction printer, Document, Xerography, Printing / Pages: 6 (1360 words) / Published: Nov 26th, 2014
Unit 221 Office Equipment

Outcome 1: Know about different types of office equipment and its uses. menu Sign In
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Different types of office equipment are used to more quickly and efficiently deal with all manner of administrative tasks. Equipment such as computer, photocopier, scanner, printer, fax machine and shredder.

The computer often referred to as PC is used for the internet, communication such as e-mail or memo and to search for information. Work can also be processed using microsoft programs.
The photocopier is used to copy documents and reprint them.
The scanner is used to scan paper documents and transfer them onto the computer creating a virtual copy.
The printer is used to print out copies of documents from the computer.
The fax machine is used to send copies of documents or important information to other businesses.
The shredder is used to dispose of any documentation with sensitive or confidential information on it. This equipment also enable paper to be recycled. The different features on a computer enable me to access the internet to research information about the task I need to complete. I can also use emails on the internet using the computer, this helps me

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