Stationery Supply Proposal

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Intellect Resources Limited
2, Kolawole Sebili Street
Killa B/Stop, Iyana Ejigbo
Ejigbo, Lagos

Res. Ltd
Res. Ltd

Intellect Resources Limited

25 June 2011

Prepared By:Ige Michael Olatunde
Sales Officer

Prepared For: XXXX Nigeria Limited.

XXX Nigeria Limited requires an a prompt and economical supply of general office stationery and related materials. Intellect Resources Limited is committed to supply books and general office stationery to XXX Nigeria limited in a prompt and cost effective manner to avoid unnecessary delays in XXX Nigeria Limited service deliveries, office operations, etc.

1. To employ the best practices in the conduct of business 2. Supply of goods that meet the requirement of client
3. Provide prompt and timely supplies irrespective of client location and status 4. Provide a network that ease access to urgent requirement and supplies 5. Make available a pedestal for customization of office equipment and preserve identity SCOPE OF SERVICE

Our services include but not limited to the following
1. Supply of basic office consumables and supplies, mailing supplies, small office electronics, multimedia storage devices, ink and toner supplies and light office machines. 2. Supply of academic books ranging from creche to higher education books 3. Supply of business and motivational books

4. Conferencing and Meeting support services
5. Customisation of office equipments and identities
6. Library and allied services
The following tables shows the estimated cost of stationery and office consummables supplied by our organisation. Basic Office Supplies
No| Item| Brand/Make| Price/unit| Comments|
1| File fastener| | | |
2| Paper binder| | | |
3| Pape rings| | | |
4| Key tag| | | |
5| Foldback clips| | | |
6| Mounting tacks...
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