The Simple Solution to Condensing, Viewing and Organizing Computer Files

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The Simple Solution to Condensing, Viewing and Organizing computer files.

Things to consider before beginning:
•Consider what functions you want to perform with your files. Why are you organizing •Do you want to condense information for mainly storage purposes, rather than for everyday usage? If so, see Section B. •If you want to organize your information into "file cabinets" which you can access easily, quickly view, and work from what is contained within, see Section A.

Section A: Welcome to the world of "Paper Port"
•What: Paper Port is a widely used program that allows the user to easily scan, organize, view and transfer documents from almost any Microsoft or other application. •Why Paper Port: This program has far more benefits and aspects about it that are far more tailored, I believe, to your needs. •Why Not Zip Files: Zip files in the past were used to maximize the amount of space on your hard drive. What a zip drive does is it places your information into code form, which makes it smaller in size, forces you to unlock/recode anytime you want to work with the files and its is very sluggish to email. Today, hard drive space is cheap to obtain and basically unlimited so there is no reason to recode file information into Zip Drives any longer. •The Caveat: Paper Port is a program you must purchase but I believe it will be well worth your while once you see the benfits it brings. •How: I can help you purchase and learn how to use the software.
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