Printing and Different Types

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Personal statement – Use of office equipment

1. Identify different types of equipment and their uses.
• Telephones – To make and receive calls.
• Photocopier – To photocopy documents etc.
• Printer – To send print jobs.
• Computer – To produce documents and various other tasks. • Scanner – To scan documents.
• Shredder – To shred any documents with personal information on. • Fax – To send documents through a telephone line.

2. Describe the different features of different types of office equipment. • Printers – To print in high volume, colour and black and white documents. • Photocopiers – To copy documents on a large or small scale. • Telephones – To communicate with members of staff or customers. • Filing Cabinets – To organize and store hard copies of documents. • Staplers – To staple documents together.

• Desks – To sit at to do your work.

1.3 Explain why different types of equipment are chosen for tasks. You should always choose the correct equipment that is appropriate for the task in hand as one piece of equipment will not be appropriate for all tasks. By doing this you will also use as little time as possible and therefore will meet your deadlines and will also make sure that you complete the task to the best possible standard.

2.1 Explain the purpose of following manufacturer’s instructions when using equipment. Instructions will tell you how to use the equipment correctly; by following them you will prevent any errors or loss of data. It also prevents you from harming yourself or the equipment by using it properly.

2.2 Explain the purpose of following organisational instructions when using equipment. It is important to follow organisational instructions as there may only be certain people who are able to use some equipment. They will also state whether you need authorisation to use the equipment. It will also inform you as to procedures if the equipment breaks down and who you would...
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