Unit 221 use of office equipment

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Unit 221
Use Office Equipment

1.1 The different types of office equipment I use on a regular basis are the office computer which I use to create documents, send emails etc. the office telephone which I use to receive and send phone calls to clients, managers and such. I a scanner to send documents to clients such as packing lists, delivery advice notes and I also use the printer to print out orders and there attachments such as carton labels. I also have a fax machine which is used to securely send documents to clients. Also there is the chair which I sit on to be able to do my work.
1.2 Some of the different features I use when using office equipment can vary but most of the time I use the different functions on the office phone to either divert calls to my manager or to another branch and to also listen to any voicemails we may have. I can also change the way the printer prints documents I can either choose to print colour copies or black and grey copies. I can change the lumbar settings on my chair to make it more comfortable for me to work in.
1.3 Different equipment is used for different tasks depending what the equipment’s function actually is, I wouldn’t try getting a photocopy of a document by using the fax machine or I wouldn’t try reading an email by using the scanner. Each piece of office equipment has its own purpose and the user should always know what the equipment’s purpose is before trying to use it.
2.1 The purpose of following the manufacturer’s instructions when using any office equipment is so that you use it in the way that it has been designed for. The manufacturer’s instructions will show you clearly how to use the equipment in the correct way and should also provide information on what to do if the equipment becomes faulty or if it breaks.
2.2 The purpose of following your company’s organisational instructions when using office equipment is so that you have the knowledge on what to do if anything goes wrong, also by showing

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