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2. Select all computer hardware for the medical practice including computing platforms used by the listed doctors and other medical staff and the server(s), if used. No parts of the current architecture may be used.

Hardware and Network Requirements
A thorough review of the local technology environment will be required at any facility implementing the EHR. Facilities will need to evaluate hardware needs in a workstation to ensure that providers and other users of the EHR have access to the system at the point of service. Deploying the EHR will create additional demands on the server and network at each facility such as LAN or WAN. Show as following picture:

Workstation - This refers to the hardware that holds everything in a room for office staff worker to perform their jobs: word/excel processing, practice management software, EHR software, scan and copy, etc.
Desktop - This describes a fixed, hard-wired computer that does not move around. This cost around $4~5000 per each.
Laptop - This is a portable computer. It is a fully functioning computer that can be carried or placed on a cart and moved around the place. This cost around $3~4000 per each.
Tablet PC - Those contain built-in handwriting recognitions software that allows the user to "write" on the screen. Tablet PCs can have add-on keyboards when typing is preferred. This cost around $600~900 per each.
The basics:
A desktop computer usually has a standard configuration and specification with consisting of a CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
It is stationary; it resides in one location and cannot be moved from room to room.
It can stand alone or work with any of a variety of applications on network arrangements.
Desktops are low-cost, available and easy to purchase.
Because desktop PCs are standardized, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to find or replace parts and support.
Desktops will have less difficulty to run and install software or

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