Unit 221 Business Administration

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Unit 221.
7.1 Locate and select equipment needed for a task.
When selecting a piece of equipment, I would consider what different methods could be used. For example, if a colleague requested a copy of a letter I could use the photocopier, or I could scan it into my computer and email them a copy of the document. 7.2 Use equipment following manufacturer’s and organisational guidelines. Equipment within the office needs to be used following any guidelines from the manufacturer/organisation to eliminate any risks of somebody harming themselves and to keep any equipment in good condition. 7.3 Use equipment minimising waste.

It is important to minimise waste within the office, when using the printer, any pages that have been printed out that are not needed would be kept to use as scrap paper. This would be used if anything needs to be noted down quickly, or for rough work that will be typed up at a later date. Any paper that cannot be used as scrap is put into the shredder, the shredding is used within our warehouse for packaging, reducing wasted paper. 7.4 Keep equipment clean and hygienic.

Keeping equipment clean and hygienic is important as not to spread germs and dirt around the office. Having a clean work area gives a good impression to visitors within the office and projects a good impression. 7.5 Deal with equipment problems following manufacturer’s and organisational procedures. If a piece of equipment had a problem, I would refer to the manual that comes with it first to see whether I could try and fix the fault myself. If the problem still persisted I would seek help from and outside source. 7.6 Refer problems, if required.

If any problems occur with equipment within the office, I would call a helpline for the relevant piece of equipment. Helpline telephone numbers can be found within the guidance manual of the equipment. If any problems occur which regard IT support, I would call our consultant and ask for his advice on the problem. 7.7 Make sure final...
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