Unit 1 P1

Topics: Corporation, Limited company, Stock market Pages: 11 (1928 words) Published: January 16, 2013
APPENDIX A - In the table below research examples of:

• A local business
• A national business
• An international Business
• A global business

Your examples MUST include a business in each of the private, public and voluntary sectors. Your examples MUST include a business in each of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Your examples MUST include a sole trader, a partnership, a private and public limited company and a government run department or agency

|Name of business and type of |What products or services are provided? |Is it a local, national, |Is it in the public, private |Does it exist to make a profit? |Is it in the primary, secondary | |ownership | |international or global |or voluntary sector? |What is the extent of its financial |or tertiary Sector? | | | |business? | |liability? | | |Tesco | Tesco’s range of products has changed |Tesco is a British global | Tesco is a private company |Yes |Tesco is involved in the tertiary| |Public limited company. |significantly over the past 10 yrs. It has |businesses it operates in | |Tesco is on the stock market, it |sector, it provides services such| | |diversified into providing books, clothing and |Europe e.g. Czech Republic | |financially depends on its shareholders|as banking and insurance. | | |electronic products, banking and insurance and |France Hungary, Poland, | |The ectend of the liability extend to | | | |telecom to name but a few. Also, |Republic of Ireland, Turkey | |the value of the shares. | | | |diversification geographically with a presence |in Asia | | | | | |in almost every town and village. |China, Thailand, South Korea,| | | | | | |Thailand, India, Japan, | | | | | | |Malaysia | | | | | | |United States. | | | | | | |Tropicana is an American |Tropicana was acquired |Tropicana exist on the stock market |Tropicana is in the Primary and | |Tropicana |The company’s main activity is the production |international company |by PepsiCo in 1998, it is a |since 1969 it financially depends on |secondary sectors | |Public limited company |of Orange juice |It is present in |private company |its shareholders | | |...
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