A Visit To Seidl S Bindery In Houston Texas

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April 22nd, 2015
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Seidl’s Bindery

8035 Blankenship Dr, Houston, TX

Tour Guide: Matt Seidl

I was recently given the opportunity to visit Seidl’s Bindery located here in Houston, Texas. In 1961, founder Leon Seidl started Seidl’s & Son. In 1975, Leon sold his company to his son, Bill which resulted in the name change to Seidl’s Bindery. Bill took over and expanded, buying new equipment with different capabilities and over the process of about 30 years of buying new equipment and gaining new customers, they slowly expanded to the location where they are now. Seidl’s Bindery are the actual finishers for print shops. They deal directly with printers and not the end client. The customer will deal with the printer and Seidl’s deals with the printers. They take printed materials and convert them to products like books, pocket folders, calendars, tip on applications for credit cards, etc. They do a lot of different types of business and if broken down into sectors, their business is made up of about 30% educational material, another 40-50% that fall into the financial/medical sector, and the other 20% falls into POP, or point of purchase, with other miscellaneous commercial printed materials.

The way Seidl’s works starts with estimation. Nothing becomes live until a job is estimated. The customer will go to a printer and explain what they want and then printer will then contact Seidl’s and forward specs on how they will print the material. Seidl’s then generates a price on how they will produce it and the printer will mark up this price and contacts the customer. This will begin the production process.

April 22nd, 2015
Their customer base is roughly over 100 and that includes in and out of state. Their biggest clients are any of the major commercial printers, such as RR Donnelly which I visited a few weeks ago as well. Seidl’s requires at least 100-150 customers to keep business going. If they are not gaining a new...
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