Btec National Business Unit-1 P1

Topics: Private sector, Government, Business Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: June 16, 2013

Type – Tesco is one of the biggest Supermarket in the UK. It is not a local or a national business as they have shops all around the Europe. Tesco is a global business as it got stores in 14 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. Tesco belongs to the private sector which is run by private individuals or groups and is not under the government control. Tesco belongs to the tertiary sector because it provides goods and services to their customers.

Purpose – Tesco’s main purpose is to provide goods that are cheap and affordable to the public. The difference between not-for-profit and profit organisation is - Not –for profit organisation aim is to provide a service and not to make profit whereas the profit organisation aim is to maximise their profit. Tesco is a profit organisation and its aim is to maximise sales and profit.

Ownership -

Public sector - Public sector is a part of the state that deals with the production, delivery and allocation of goods and services by the government for its citizens. It is owned by the government. Public sector includes services such as the police, military, public road, primary education etc.

Private sector - Private sector is owned by private individuals or groups and is not controlled by the state. The private sector companies are not owned or run by the government. Private sector includes Tesco, ASDA, Matalan etc.

Voluntary sector – - A voluntary organisation is one whose main focus is to deliver social benefit in a variety of forms rather than to generate profit . It will usually be governed by volunteers. Voluntary sector includes- NHS, save the children etc.

Tesco is private sector business as it is owned by private individuals or groups. It also aims in maximising profit. It is a public limited company(PLC) as it allows the public to buy it shares.

Save the children

type – save the children is a...
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