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  • Types of Companies

    Joint Stock Company form of business organization has become extremely popular as it provides a solution to (2) overcome the limitations of partnership business. The Multinational companies like Coca-Cola and‚ General Motors have their investors and customers spread throughout the world. The giant Indian Companies may include the names like Reliance‚ Talco Bajaj Auto‚ Infosys Technologies‚ Hindustan Lever Ltd.‚ Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.‚ and Larsen and Tubro etc. 1.2 MEANING OF COMPANY Section

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  • Types of Companies and Corporation

    Required: a. Identify significant tax and nontax issues or concerns that may differ across entity types. b. Provide your recommendation for forming CCS as a C corporation‚ S corporation‚ LLC‚ or partnership. Explain your reasoning for your choice of entity‚ identify any issues that you may still be concerned about‚ and suggest recommendations for dealing with the concerns. Chapter 19 Problem 39 (LO2) Zhang incorporated her sole proprietorship by transferring inventory‚ a building‚ and land

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  • Types of Businesses and Company Registrations

    Sole proprietorship This business is an individual owned organization. This business is the most attractive because of its simplicity and control over the business. * Liability-.This business has unlimited liability. The owner is responsible for everything. If the business begins to fail personal assets and business assets can be sought after to pay off debts. There is no distinction between the two assets. * Income taxes- Business owners in a sole proprietorship file a 1040 as well as

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  • Types of Organisation

    SECTION 1 *Identification of the purpose of different types of organisation We have two main types of business organisations. Which are Profit-making organisations and Not-for-profit organisations. In the profit making organisation‚ we have the Sole traders‚ Partnerships and LLPs‚ Companies and The Franchises. While on the Not-for-profit organisation we have the Quangos‚ Voluntary‚ public sector bodies and the charities. *SOLE TRADER- This is a simple business that is easy to set up‚ and which

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  • Types of Business

    Sole Proprietorship When entrepreneurs set out to start a business venture‚ many of them start with a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship usually involves a single person who runs a business on his or her own. Sole proprietorships are small businesses that often take off to form larger business entities when the owner desires to do so or when the right opportunities are presented. Some of the disadvantages of having a sole proprietorship are the simplicity of operating the business‚ ability

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  • types of business

    Sole trader – Definition: A sole trader is a company started and run by one individual A sole trader - also known as a sole proprietorship or simply proprietorship - is a type of business entity which is owned and run by one individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. Sole trading is widespread- A very large proportion of business conducted in the UK is undertaken by the trader working on his own usually providing his own money (capital) to start

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    TYPES OF ORGANISATION QUIZ 1) Which form of business organization do you think is most suitable for each of the following businesses? Explain your answer fully: a) A young student is planning to offer his services to neighbors as a gardener. He will purchase only cheap tools to start with. (3) The sole trader form is most suitable for this business‚ because sole trader is most common form- operated just by one person‚ and this business is running only by a young student‚ which is only one person

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  • Type of Organization

    Types of Business Organisation GCSE Business Studies tutor2u™ Revision Presentations 2004 Introduction A business is always owned by someone. This can just be one person‚ or thousands. So a business can have a number of different types of ownership depending on the aims and objectives of the owners. Most businesses aim to make profit for their owners. Profits may not be the major objective‚ but in order to survive a business will need make a profit in the long term. Some organisations however

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  • Partnership and Its Types

    Partnership and Its Types Sir Saleem Abbas 10/10/2012 Islamia university of bahawalpur Partnership A partnership arises whenever two or more people co-own a business‚ and share in the profits and losses of the business. Each person contributes something to the business -- such as ideas‚ money‚ or property -- though management rights and personal liability will vary. In Pakistan the partnership firms are registered under

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  • Types of Business Forms

    How to choose the right type of Business form LAW/531 How to choose the right type of Business form Today’s business world has many choices for the new entrepreneur to decide from when forming a business. The choices are sole proprietorship‚ partnership‚ limited liability partnership‚ a limited liability company‚ a S corporation‚ a franchise‚ and a corporate form. Development of scenarios portraying each of these forms of business will aid the entrepreneur with deciding which form will

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