Unit 1 Health and Social Care

Topics: Secrecy, Hearing impairment, Confidentiality Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Unit 1

1.1 identify the different reasons people communicate
In a care setting, clients may communicate to express needs such as food and drink or pain relief, to share ideas and information such as helping with their care plan, to reassure, to express feelings such as sadness, happiness, anger, depression etc, to build relationships and friendships with others, to socialise and have fun, to ask questions maybe about treatment and to share past experiences.

1.2 explain how effective communication affects all aspects of the learner’s work Communication with the service user (client) will help build trust and effective relationships which will allow the client to open up to you and express the individual’s needs and preferences, this will also prevent misunderstandings. Communicating with colleagues will able us to share useful information about the client and immediately point out any changes to the care plan, we can also support the development of our own knowledge and skills.

1.3 explain why it is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating with them This is important so we can understand the clients emotional state and if they are in pain or uncomfortable, and also to know that information given has been understood. Clients may do this verbally with tone, pitch or just silence. Clients who are maybe unable to talk may do this non verbally by facial expressions, body language, eye contact or blinking, gestures or touch.

3.1 identify barriers to effective communication
There maybe barriers to communication by the client not being able to talk or medication effecting speech or tiredness. The client maybe deaf or hard of hearing. The background and culture of the client maybe very different to the caregiver, they may speak a different language or jargon and language used may not be suitable for the age of the person. There maybe environmental factors such as noise, poor lighting or lack of privacy. The client may have mental...
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