Topics: Nonviolent Communication, Communication, Need Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: December 6, 2012

PEAPOLE COMMUNICATE- to express their needs, share ideas and information, to reassure, to express fallings, to build relationships, socialize, to ask questions, share experiences. People communication order to establish and maintain relationships whit others, to give and receive information’s and instructions, to understand and be understood , to share opinions, knowledge, emotions, to give encouragement and show others they are valued.

1.2 EXPLAIN HOW COMMUNICATION AFFECTS RELATIONSHIPS IN THE WORK ENVIROVMENT Communication is a basic requirement of my job role to communicate with individuals and their families, other members of staff and managers on daily basis. Communicating with other staff members ensures professional and effective team working and continuity of care .It also ensures any health and safety issues are recognised and reported all carers attended hand over at the beginning of each shift and also complete communication books after attending an individual, as well keeping other staff informed and aware of current situations within workplace. Individuals communicate whit carers to express their needs and preferences and to ensure they are meeting. As a carer I would discuss the options and choices available to the individual to allow them an informed choice regard their care.

2.2 DESCRIBE THE FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN PROMOTING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WHIT INDIVIDUIALS to communicate effectively with individuals we need to chose a preferred method of communication by individual ,keeping eye contact when communicating ,we need to stop work we are doing, and using appropriate body language , lean towards the individual we communicate speak loud and clear in short sentences and repeating if necessary and make sure environment is quiet 3.1 EXPLAIN HOW PEAPOLE FROM DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS MAY USE/OR INTERPRET COMMUNICATION METHOTS IN DIFFERENT WAYS People background, what they...
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