Unit 1 Child and Young Person Development

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Describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years, to include: physical development, communication and intellectual development, social, emotional and behavioural development.
The expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years has many areas of development, starting from birth.
Describe, with examples, how different aspects of development can affect one another.
0-3 years
Social, emotional and behavioural development
New born babies often cry when they are hungry, tired, hurt, in need of nappy changing or just for some attention. This is because new born babies have no way of communicating as they do not know how to speak, see properly and understand things. A child at the age of 1 year is able to recognise who his/her main carers are; this helps the child to recognise familiar faces. They can become upset and cry if they are left with someone who they do not know. By the time children are aged 3 they are usually able to play fairly with other children, have less ‘temper tantrums’ otherwise known as ‘terrible twos’ and they are also able to tell the difference between boys and girls such as family members or friends, this also helps them to recognise people and also gain an understanding of their environment.
Physical development
New born babies are able to see but vaguely for example faces and hands will look fuzzy, they are able to stretch out arms and legs, turn their head and respond to bright lights and sounds. Children aged 1-2 years are often crawling, shuffling or in some cases walking by this age, they can begin to explore and be able to enjoy more things. Sitting up alone and feeding themselves and using their hands to touch and pick up objects lets them discover different textures. At age 3 children are able to run, climb and play with scooters/bikes/tricycles; they are able to walk upstairs, dress and undress themselves.
Communication and intellectual

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