Tda 2.1 Child And Young Person Development Report

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Tda 2.1 Child And Young Person Development Report
Children’s and Young people’s Workforce level 2

TDA 2.1: Child and Young Person Development

Task 1 (1.1): Describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years, to include: physical development communication and intellectual development social, emotional and behavioural development.

Answer to Task 1 (1.1):
Physical Development:
Expected development
0-3 Months
When placed on their front, babies lie with the head turned to one side, the buttocks humped up and the knees tucked under the abdomen.
Can turn from their side to their back.
Keep their head in a central position when lying supine.
4-6 Months
If lying on their back can roll over onto
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Understand and obey the command ‘no’
Speak two to six or more recognisable words and show that they understand many more- babbling has developed into a much more speech-like form, with increased intonation.
1-3 Years
Refer to themselves by name.
Talk to themselves often, but may not always be understood by others.
Enjoy listening to and making music.
3-5 Years
Still talk to themselves when playing.
Tell long stories, sometimes confusing fact and fantasy.
Are fluent in their speech and grammatically correct for the most part.
5-8 Years
Enjoy jokes and riddles.
Talk fluently and with the confidence.
Begin to understand book language and that stories have characters and a plot (narrative).
9-12 Years
Use and understand complex sentences.
Can read stories with increasing fluency.
Understand most common idioms.
12-16 Years
Have a fast, legible style of hand writing.
Communicate in an adult manner, with increasing maturity.
Understand abstract language, such as idioms, figurative language and metaphors.
17-19 Years
Are able to process texts and abstract meaning.
Understand punctuation and can use syntax effectively.

Intellectual / Cognitive

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