Mosquito population

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Scout Activity Program

Powerpoint Presentation


Note To Educators (pdf)


Sample Agenda (pdf)


No No Mosquito Activity Book (pdf & word)


Crossword 1 (pdf)


Crossword 2 (pdf)


Scramble (pdf)


Wordfind (pdf)


Patch Ordering Information (pdf) plus artwork (2 jpgs)

10) Vocabulary 1, 2, 3 and 4 (pdfs)
11) Home Inspection Chart (pdf)
12) Origami Mosquito (pdf) note: This is a somewhat difficult activity which should be reserved for older scouts
13) Make A Dipper Activity (pdf)
14) Mosquito Math Problems (pdf)
15) Balancing Mosquito Craft (pdf)
16) Top Ten Mosquito Fun Facts (pdf)
17) Dragonflies (pdf)
18) Life Cycle of a Mosquito (pdf)
19) Skeeter Box (pdf)

A Note to Educators:
The enclosed material is designed to be used as a
supplement, and is not all-inclusive. It is expected that the presenter is someone well versed in the subject matter at
hand, who will use the Power Point slides as prompts to help organize his or her oral discussion.
The subject matter is therefore flexible; it can be adapted to any age group through use of appropriate vocabulary. Also
included are a variety of games and activities to select from for the activity breaks, the choice of which should depend
upon the age group being addressed.
This material has been collected from numerous sources on
the internet; in the best tradition of plagiarism we have
assembled the most accurate information, the liveliest of
artwork, the cleverest of games and puzzles from a wide
assortment of mosquito control organizations and
educational institutions entirely too numerous to mention,
and we thank them gratefully for their most generous
The supporting material is provided in PDF format; where
appropriate, however, the corresponding Word Document
is provided so that the presenter may insert the appropriate organizational logo.
Good luck!

Pamela C. Jacobson

Hillsborough County Mosquito
And Aquatic Weed Control

Activity Patch Program

Classroom session. Powerpoint presentation on mosquito biology, species, habitat, reproductive activities, and mosquito control actions to control mosquito populations.
Activity: Build a dipper for conducting larval inspections at home. Homework Assignment: Conduct larval surveillance and source
reduction at home, school or playground. Fill out chart detailing results of inspection.


Lunch (provided).


Career Exploration Session. Girl Scouts will rotate through four groups: 1)


Aviation Section personnel will discuss aerial operations and show the aircraft
Aquatic Section personnel will discuss aquatic weed control
and show the airboats
Surveillance Section personnel will discuss the trapping and sentinel chicken programs and show the Lab and Sentinel
Mosquito and Special Projects Sections personnel will discuss biological control of mosquitoes and show the Gambusia fish tanks and various mosquito traps

Each girl scout will be awarded a “Mosquito Control Patrol” patch and laminated “Mosquito Control Inspector” identification card (prepared by the Administrative Section).

Fun and Games with
Hillsborough County Mosquito and Aquatic Weed Control
4220 Tampa Bay Blvd., Tampa, FL 33614

(813) 554-5029

Say No
To Mosquitoes!
Mosquitoes need standing water in which to grow, from egg
to larva to pupa and finally to hatch into a full grown
mosquito. You can keep this from happening by not letting
this water stay around your yard for more than a few days:

Birdbaths – Change the water at least once a week

Containers – Empty them, turn them over or get rid of
them! These include buckets, barrels, boats, pots,
saucers, toys, etc.

Bromeliads and other hollow-stemmed plants – Rinse
them with clean water at least once a week

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