Tda 2.1 Child and Young Adult Development

Topics: Adult, Adult development, Parenting Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: July 28, 2013
3.1 Identify the transitions experienced by most children and young adults 3.2 Identify transitions only some children and young adults may experience 3.3 Describe how transitions may affect children and young adults’ behaviour and development This work also cross references with MU 2.2 – contribute to the support of children and young adults development 3.1 Describe the different transitions children and young adults may experience 3.2 Explain how to give adult support for each of these transitions.

TRANSITION| MOST/SOME| EFFECT ON DEVELOPMENT| ADULT SUPPORT| Starting school| Most| Emotional and behaviour can be effected as child my become unsure of what is expected of them and it can be a complete change of routine for them. Being upset and crying are quite normal for this transition. Child may not like being away from main career as they may not be used to it.| Home visits from teachers in setting alongside pre-school visits so the environment is not completely alien to child. Parents encouraged to stay and settle child when they arrive at school. Child should be allowed to bring a comforter if they are not settling into setting well.| TRANSITION| MOST/SOME| EFFECT ON BEHAVIOUR| ADULT SUPPORT| Puberty | Most| Physical and behaviour. Both affected due to hormone changes within the body. Child may become withdrawn, moody or start to act out and push boundaries. Physical changes in the body give them a more adult appearance.| Support and understanding from the main career can be given along with advice. Sex education within schools will allow the children to understand what to expect and so they know what’s happening to them is normal.| Primary to secondary school| Most| Emotional and behaviour may be affected. May become emotional due to leaving friends and unsure of surroundings and other older children. Behaviour can be affected due to added peer pressure or looking up to older children....
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