Unit 1 Child and Young Person Development

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Unit 1:
Child and Young Person Development

1.1 The main stages of child and young person development.
Birth to 3 years: (Physical Development)

A baby can hold their own head up, can eat solids, and can sit up without support. They will start teething, learning how to crawl, try to pull themselves up using furniture and other surroundings to help them balance, start trying to walk alone. They will like to climb things like their crib and will be able to run.

Fine Motor Skills a child will start holding objects as their muscles develop, they will like to grab things like hair whilst they are being changed etc. They will start to learn hand to hand co-ordination by doing things like passing an object from hand to hand. A child will try to feed themselves; will like to play with building blocks such as Duplo.

(Communication and Intellectual Development)

Babies will cry, babble and gurgle to communicate. They will start to recognise sounds like Mother and Fathers voice. Will repeat words, say things like Mama Dada, will be able to put words together to form a small sentence like “a cat”, will be able to recognise and explore things using their senses such as sight and touch for example playing min sand. They will learn to talk and communicate with others easily.

(Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development)

A baby will start looking and recognising faces e.g. Mother and fathers, a baby will start smiling and show ‘ego centric’ behaviour because they don’t have the capacity to think about anyone else only what they need, or from a toddler age for example not being able to understand how other people are feeling, not wanting to share toys. They will seek approval and want to help their parents and teachers. They will become more independent e.g. trying to feed them self.

3 to 7 years (Physical Development)
Fine Motor Skills: they will be able to use a pencil, can thread beads and play with Lego

Children are constantly growing, they will become more agile,

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