Understanding Organisations and the Role of Hr

Topics: Management, Organization, Human resource management Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: February 8, 2012
According to (Beevers and Rea 2010) ‘the primary purpose of the learning and development function in fulfilling the short and long term ambitions of the organisation’ cannot be over emphasized especially in recent times where HR/L&D has moved from the past when one of HR/L&D primary roles has been to ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations. Although this is still the case and will always be, we have however become strategic partners working with line managers to achieve business strategy. We have been able to integrate L&D activities in a strategic manner to be able to achieve organisational goals and strategy. With the increasing number of line managers that are being asked to take responsibility for their team’s development, it is clear that they need the support of L&D to develop their teams. Bringing to light the strategy of the organisation ‘to build on the significant growth and profit enhancement opportunities within existing license areas which include OML 123/126 which represents our largest property as measured by area and also accounts for the majority of the company’s recent production growth while they also pursue new venture opportunities’. The learning and development function has been able to help the organization achieve its strategy and as a result of this we have demonstrated that there is a direct link between organisational performance L&D activities. Some of the key activities we have used to demonstrate this include; RECRUITMENT

The recruitment process can be described as the major key factor to organisations achieving their goals. Once we are able to define our strategy then we will be able to recruit, reward and retain highly skilled hands that are fit for purpose to achieve organisational goals. (Martin, M. Whiting, F. Jackson, T 2010) argues that human resources play very crucial roles in the recruitment process. Apart from acting as advisors to line mangers, we also play administrative roles in ensuring that we keep...
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