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How will you plan a Management Information System in marketing information system taking into account the actions of antecedents or consequences of consumers, competitors, employers, institutions, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, govt. bodies and NGO’s (Note you must also take into account the physical, technological, economic factors, beside legal and social taboos) (Take an example of your choice).

Market information system may be defined as factual knowledge about the action, antecedents or consequences of social actors outside or inside the firm and the environment in which they operate. Social actors are as consumers, completions, employee, institutions, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, govt. bodies and NGO’s. The environment actors are physical, technological, economic, legal and social taboos.   Marketing decision support system (MKDSS) is an information system that helps with decision making in the formation of a marketing plan. The reason for using a MKDSS is because it helps to support the software vendors’ planning strategy for marketing products; it can help to identify advantageous level of pricing, advertising spending, and advertising copy for the firm’s products. This helps determines the firm marketing mix for product software. Various Constitute Are:

Consumer behaviour, Aggregate demand, the competition, Political/ Legal/ Social environment, Product consideration, Distribution questions, Pricing consideration, Communication issues and Organizational behaviour. Marketing Information System

Marketing Information System can be defined as equipment, people and programs in the organization whose functions are to monitor, gather, analyze, evaluate, store and to disseminate the knowledge. The company market linkage is shown below.            ( Company)                                                         ( Market     Input             à           Though put         à        Output\                  ^___________________^__________________^                                                    Feed Back    Further details are provided below:            Input :-     Internal environment.                               Top management.   Formal department.

Production,Accounting,Finance,Publicrelation,Placement,Marketing,sub-groups,Staff/ line group,Groups External Environment :-Consumers,Suppliers,Intermediaries,Competitors,Government, Special interest group,General Public

Throughput :-  MIS (Marketing Information System)
Communication System,Exchanging Function,Data gathering,
Information storage,Knowledge dissemination,Proactive Functions,Selling,Service,Negotiation,Lobbying

Marketing Science System:
this includes statistical models and analysis, data base, quantitative, analysis, mathematical models and analysis, and product analysis. All these lead to interpretation of analysis and findings to arrive at conclusion and recommendation.  Normative System: this system narrates shapes of judgment of an organization what is good or bad, important or unimportant, what action should be or should not be taken in. It is connected to communication system and marketing science system. The normative system translated organizational goals into sub-goals, policies and standards. Output :-

          The overall output of MIS in the management decision system arrives at policies, rules, procedures and directives with regards to organizing, planning, staffing, executing and controlling. Feed Back :-

           Feed back on an environment and organization is through the output of marketing information system.            However, one cannot specify what information is needed for decision making until an explanatory model of the decision process and the system involved in it are constructed and tested.  The marketing information system enables in assessing the managerial information and their feedback effects on environment and organization. This is a continuous process to locate the...
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