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P1 – Construct an introductory planning sheet to help identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources. In this report I will be identifying how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources. I will also be outlining the reasons for recruitment and the time and cost implications regarding each method. I have chosen Asda and River Island as my two organisations. Asda

Internal Recruitment
This refers to the filling of job vacancies from within the business, where existing employees are selected rather than employing someone from outside. Asda internally recruits staff, this would usually be promotion, and such jobs would be advertised to employees through email, internet and notice boards. Doing this through email takes less time and also is cheaper for Asda but the disadvantage for this would be that the email not be seen by all staff and this way wouldn’t give fair and equal chances to all staff, however notice boards are have the advantage of being seen by all staff but this way may cost a bit more and consume a bit more time. The reason of internally recruiting staff could be because of the product/service knowledge that candidates have the skills and abilities. Recruiting staff internally is relatively low cost for the business and in Asda’s case this would be compatible as it is a huge business with many branches. External Recruitment

This is when a business looks to employ staff from outside the business in which case a head hunter might be used to facilitate the search, contact and recruitment process. Asda externally recruits staff if employees leave the company, to cover for employees on maternity leave and covering for employees on sickness leave. The only method in which Asda recruit staff externally is by advertising their job vacancies on their own website This method is effective for Asda as it isn’t time consuming or costly to the company. The advantage of recruiting...
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