Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources

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Having a keen interest in the environment, I have chosen the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) for my organisation, although I do not work for them. CCW is a public sector organisation which employs approximately 500 people. It was established in 1990 as a Government advisory body to help sustain natural beauty, wildlife, and inshore waters throughout Wales. CCW services ensure that the natural environment and countryside is managed and protected, as well as allowing greater access to the countryside. They deal with issues such as wildlife, landscape, climate change, marine policy, nature reserves, and the rural economy. The target customers include people of all ages, genders, class and race who all have a need to use or enjoy the countryside in Wales and surrounding waters. CCW’s goal by 2020 is to make the environment a valued part of everyone’s life in Wales, by ensuring a more distinctive landscape character with greater biodiversity of wildlife. These improvements will be measured by monitoring and carrying out surveys. CCW plan to spend £1 million each year on projects to encourage people to experience and learn about the natural environment, and £6 million on projects to enhance the natural environment and landscapes of Wales. CCW is funded by the government with an annual budget of £45 million. CCW give grants to farmers and land owners to manage their land in an environmentally friendly way. It also gives grants for other environmental projects. PESTLE Analysis.

In 2008 Government politicians wanted CCW to reduce their organisational carbon footprint. CCW set a target that by 2012 they would reduce it by 24%. They achieved a 40 % reduction by improving staff awareness, introducing low emission central heating boilers, introducing low fuel emission vehicles and reducing the need for staff to travel by introducing audio visual conferencing. Social and Cultural

People want better access to the countryside. Responding to this pressure CCW created interactive open-access maps on its website that show areas where people can walk. CCW also provide grants to land owners to improve footpaths, and to local authorities to open up the Wales coastal path. 870 miles of costal path were completed by 2012.

Although a government body, CCW still has to follow environmental laws, employment and equality legislation, and Health and Safety regulations within the work place. CCW also has to follow European Environmental Directives and International Conventions such as Convention on Trade in Endangered Species. CCW has achieved a level 5 ‘Green Dragon’ certificate for its environmentally sustainable methods. In order to keep this certificate they complete their own annual Environmental Management System report showing how they follow Environmental Acts and Regulations. Environmental

Overfishing in the sea around Wales has put pressure on CCW to provide more advice. To provide such advice CCW have compiled a fishing atlas showing general fishing patterns, regulations and competent authorities around Wales. FishMap Môn is a project which aims to collect information about fishing activity around Anglesey that can be compiled with existing knowledge of species to make it more sustainable in future. Task 2

CCW has 3 geographical regions; North, South and Mid Wales. The Headquarters is structured by function with separate departments such as Finance, HR, Research, and Recreation and Access for the different business operations. Each region contains staff with local knowledge, but when they require more specialist advice they refer to the Research Department at headquarters, who specialise in the various scientific subjects. The Finance Department is responsible for CCW’S budget which it apportions to the other departments and regions. It makes payments to suppliers and places contracts for goods and services. It administers the grants CCW gives to other organisations. It also deals with unexpected costs of...
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