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Topics: Beach, Sand, Beach nourishment Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Outline the geographical processes relevant to the management of the Cronulla, Wanda and Kurnell area.

The Cronulla, Kurnell and Wanda region sites are ecologically and culturally significant. The Cronulla, Wanda and Kurnell areas are filled with beautiful beaches, magnificent headlands and various other wonderful features, being well over 15000 years old this region showcases some magnificent attractions. These regions however are now faced with issues regarding enviromental degradation and habitat endangerment. There are many issues however some of the more significant problems are erosion, longshore drift and high rise development. There are three key factors in the geographical processes that affect the coastal enviroments. There are erosion, deposition and transportation. The beaches are affected bytransportation or more commonly known as longshore drift (Longshore drift is the movement of sediments, usually sand, along a coast parallel to the shoreline) The use of a tomobolo could help with trapping the sand to minimize the damage of longshore drift to beaches. Coastal areas usually have sand dunes on beaches to act as a source of sand when external forces move the sand such as storms, high tides, etc and also act as a barrier from winds that come from the sea. Sand dunes have vegetation such as spinifex which inhabit the dunes and help to hold the sand together and preventing heavy erosion. The process of nature is hard on the sand dunes itself, but because of human interference the speed and power of erosion of the sand dunes and beaches within the region have caused mass destruction.

Evaluate the responses of individuals groups and governments to coastal management of the Cronulla/Wanda/Kurnell environment.

The Cronulla,Wanda and Kurnell areas have started to see some positive improvements to their enviroments, this is due to individuals and groups who have done their best to aid the coastal enviroment and its management. There are many...
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