Type A personality and ethics

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Term Paper:
Type A personality and ethics

Presented to:
Dr. Ahmad Maher

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Sarah Riyad Hanbali

December 2012
Type A personality and ethics
Personality is the sum of total ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. There are many different types of personalities, attitudes and behaviors. People can be characterized into different types of personalities including types A and B.
Type A personalities:
A person with a type A personality is:
Highly competitive
Has a strong achievement-orientation
Has high time urgency
Highly impatient and
Has free-floating hostility or aggressiveness.
Type A’s can operate under moderate to high stress. They pressure themselves time wise and create for themselves a life of deadlines. Type A’s are typical fast workers as they emphasize quantity over quality in their work. They tend to make quick decisions and as a result their decisions are often poor ones. Types A’s are also rarely creative. Because of their concern with quantity and speed of work, they rely on past experiences when faced with problems. They are often perceived by others as being rude, somewhat aggressive, impatient and workaholics.

Physical characteristics associated with type A’:
Facial tension such as tight lips and a clenched jaw
Tongue clicking
Teeth grinding
Dark circles under eyes
Facial sweating; on forehead or upper lip.
As a result type A personality traits are often medically related to an increased risk of health problems. Type A personalities often suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. Heart disease is another risk factor for the type A personality. This is directly related to the constant stress and hypertension the type A is exposed to.
Type B personalities:
Type B personality is exactly the opposite of type A. Type B’s:
Are rarely bothered by the desire to obtain a wildly

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