Trophy Persuasive Essay

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Should every little kid that goes out for an activity get a trophy? Even if they didn’t win any games or competitions? Many organizations give everyone who participates a trophy for not actually winning anything. Trophies for everyone may make every kid feel good about themselves, but it fails to teach the kids anything. Giving every kid that goes out for an activity a trophy makes those who do win feel less special, the work ethic of the players will be terrible, and when the kids grow up they won’t handle failure well.
To begin, giving trophies to every kid means that it is less special for those kids who worked hard and were successful. Competition is about working hard to get success. Whether it’s with little kids or with professional leagues, hard work it important. If there is a team works hard and never loses a game. Then, another team didn’t work hardly at all and never won a game. Both of these teams receive the same trophy at the end of the season. How do you think the team that never lost a game will feel when they see that they could have gotten the same trophy for less work? When we reward kids for being average, none of the kids will ever grow past being...

When the kids know that at the end of the season they will be rewarded whether they were successful or not they won’t work as hard. A hard working mentality is a good trait that kids can learn from competitions. Hard work leads to success. Some say that every kid should get a trophy and be able to say that I accomplished this. Kids should not get the same trophy for different levels of success. If a kid sticks with the activity and does a good job then they should be rewarded. But it another kid doesn’t put any effort forth and quits often, he or she should not get the same trophy as the other kid. It is wrong to reward everyone the same for different amounts of...
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