Toothpaste Marketing Research Proposal

Topics: Marketing, Research, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Marketing Research Proposal

Proposed Research Topic:
A situational analysis of toothpaste industry

At present, several well-known brands in the domestic toothpaste manufacturers become increasingly competitive, such as Braun Oral-B, Colgate, Darlie and so on. Different toothpaste brand have their own different market strategy, for examples, there are products for different ages whereas some target the purchasing power of consumers for different products, and there are products for different regions and different physiological functions necessary for the product. Consumers have different characteristics and are used to using a wide range of brands. So focusing on this phenomenon, we launch an investigation of the consumption toothpaste.

As the rapid development of modern economy and the increasing incomes, the living standard is greatly improved. Therefore the demands of variety of daily necessities have begun to raise strictly. Essential household item, toothpaste, is one of the majority shares in the global market, and its product lines have still been extended in the market nowadays. Also, the market segmentation is increased evidently. People’s demand for oral hygiene products are constantly upgraded, in addition to basic oral hygiene, oral hygiene has also become a beauty regime essential. Based on data we found, the sales of toothpaste by type from 2006-2010, standard/ traditional toothpaste is the majority which almost occupy the half of the total toothpaste sales in the market, but its percentage drops every year. Oppositely, for the other types of toothpaste such as sensitive, whitening and complete care toothpaste, their percentages keep increasing gradually from 2006-2010....
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