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Final Term Paper

Course Name: MKT 202
Course Instructor: Md. Anwar Sadat Shimul (Aws)
Section: 3

Prepared by

Amrin Hossain Omy
123 0845 630
Mahbuba Jannat
122 1094 030
Hossain Jamal
131 1436 030
Md Tanvir Hossain
133 0786 630
Md. Mustafa Sunny
113 0687 030
Abdul Kuddus
133 0240 630

Date of submission
15th April, 2014

North South University

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Section 01: Current market analysis
Top 5 brands in the market
Product analysis
Price analysis
Promotion analysis
Section 02: Marketing strategy for a new brand
Introduce a new brand for chewing gum
Design marketing strategy for the new brand
Marketing Mix (4p)
Design and describe the product
Design pricing policy
Design promotional activities
Design distribution activities
Competitive analysis

Executive Summary

Our team of six is preparing a report in order to establish an image of a new brand of chewing gum in the current market in Bangladesh. We first analyzed the market—talked to different retailers about the brands with the highest demand. We questioned them about the prices of the chewing gum they were selling. The report includes analysis of the current market for chewing gum in Bangladesh—product analysis, price analysis, and promotion analysis. After knowing about the product and consumers perception about the product we decided to come up with a product of our own and we call it “hOurGum!”. There were all kinds of gum in the market, but we found most of the gums were imported from countries around the world. So, we decided to launch a product in the local market with standard of the global market. In short, we can conclude that our gum will be available at the price of other local gums in the market, but maintaining international standard of the gum industry.

Section 1: Current Market Analysis

Top 5 brands in the market:

Tk. 15
Big Babol
Tk. 25
Tk. 25
Tk. 20
Center Fruit
Tk. 2

Our group divided into teams of 3 and the 2 teams question various retailers at various retail stores about the top 5 brands in Bangladesh. Some of the shops, Almas Super Shop, Mehedi Mart, Nur store, GMart, Agora, Meena Bazaar, etc.

Product analysis:
Chewing gum is a convenience product. Convenience products are products that appeal to a very large market segment. They are generally consumed regularly and purchased frequently. Chewing gums come in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes. There is no standard type of gum, but mostly is a small stick or wad of gum. Combining a water-insoluble phase with a water-soluble phase of sweeteners, flavoring and food coloring basically makes chewing gum. Today the basic types of chewing gums are:

Bubble gum - bubble gum have property of blowing bubbles because film-forming characteristics. Sugar-free gum - Instead of sugar, sugar-free gum has artificial sweeteners to provide the taste. Ball Gum – This gum has shape like ball. It is one of the most popular chewing gums. Center-filled Gum – center-filled gum in his center has a soft mass, usually filled with some tasty liquid. Stick gum - chewing gum Stick gum is a thin, flat, slab of gum usually in rectangular shape. Ribbon Gum - ribbon gum is like the stick gum, only it is longer, coiled up in a cylindrical container, and the consumer tears off a piece of the size he wants. Tab gum – tab gum is shorter than stick gum and also thicker. Tube gum - tube gum or spaghetti gum comes in a tube and gum inside tube is a very soft bubble gum. Dragée gum – dragée gum has the most popular format for chewing gum, dragée gum is a pillow-shaped coated pellet, often packed in blister packs. Wrap gum – wrap gum and cut gum is usually in the form of a chunk, cube or cylindrical shape, depending of the...
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