Marketing and Chinese Toothpaste Market

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Supply and demand Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: March 9, 2011
consumer's tastes for toothpaste in China typically vary from region to region, as well as across various demographic dimensions, such as age,income,and education. in contrast, tastes for toothpaste are fairly narrow in the United States. why is ther such a pronounced difference between these two market? There have such a pronounced difference between these two markets because it is affected by the age, income ,region and population difference. Age

As a result of government population controls, China is becoming one of the most rapidly aging countries in the world. Today, approximately 70% percent of the population falls between the ages of 15 and 65 years. China’s median age is slightly younger than that of the US(36.7) currently, at 33.2 years old. Younger people enjoy trying different taste. So , Tastes for toothpaste in China. are fairly wilder than US. Income

Income will affect consumption. One of the research show that about 58.1% customers agree the price is most important. As a developing country, there have a great difference between rich and poor in Chinese market. The taste and requirement for toothpaste between richer and poorer people is very difference. But in American, their life level is higher as a whole. Region

Be similar with cooking, Consumers’ tastes for toothpaste in China typically vary from region to region. According to the research, tastes for toothpaste are very different in different region. Maybe it relate to the customers’ habit, region marketing competition and economic development, each city have their popular brand. For example, Colgate is preferred to Shanghai and Shenyang, In Wuhan, Grest is most popular. Population

Up to 2008, as the world's population is approximately 6.7 billion, China represents a full 20% of the world's population so one in every five people on the planet is a resident of China. Population of American is 305.52million, about 4.5% of the word’s population. It is obvious that the Chinese toothpaste...
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