Thomas Green Case Solution

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After having received an email from Shannon McDonald (regarding the need to receive a statement of his perspective on recent performance and ideas), Thomas Green is left with several options to choose from to solve the issue at hand. Before discussing these options it is important to describe his first step in taking any one of these decisions. Green must first email McDonald to find out the best time they could meet. For any decision Green decides upon at this point, it is important that he communicate face to face with McDonald and not through a memo or letter.

The first option Green has is to quit Dynamic Displays relieving himself from all office problems, but, with his mortgage due the following week and furniture scheduled to be delivered, this is not a viable option at the time.

Green’s second option is to ask to be removed from the current position of Senior Market Specialist and be placed in a new position such as Sales, where his skills can be utilized in the interest of organization. Although this would help the company, Green may lose motivation towards completing tasks because he may feel that he has been demoted and unsuccessful.

The best way Green can approach this problem is by changing his style of work and develop the skills necessary to be a successful senior market specialist. But this requires the help of other individuals. Green must first influence McDonald through rational persuasion, that there is a need of clear goals and proper training. Green will show McDonald that having Davis train him will help Davis gain expert power, which in turn will help Green understand the organizational hierarchy. By understanding that Davis has a higher position than him, Green will find Davis’s calls and demands more important. Not only will Green see Davis in a different light but Davis will be able to trust Green. As soon as Green’s promotion had become effective, McDonald told him that “Frank had expected to choose the new senior market...
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