Case Analysis Dick Spencer MGT 585

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Case 1: Dick Spencer

Case 1: Dick Spencer
Dick Spencer was an employee of the Tri-American Company who had been with the organization for fourteen years. Starting out as a successful salesman straight out of college, he quickly worked his way up the ladder into different managerial positions. Using several articles for support, this case analysis will examine the leading factors with regards to his success as a sales person, as well as the critical issues that led to his failure and tribulations as a manager. Finally this case analysis will provide recommendations with supported evidence on how he could have been a more effective manager. The purpose of this case analysis is to determine why he was effective as a salesperson but lacked the ability to successfully manage and lead people as he transitioned from one position to another. Analysis of Critical Issues:

Success as a Sales Person
Dick was considered the “boy to watch” by corporate headquarters because of his impressive track record as a salesman. He was liked by his peers, had looks, charisma and a natural ability to socialize which allowed him to be successful in his current position. Dick was also an educated individual. At the young age of 22 he had already graduated from an M.B.A degree which showed he was driven, self-motivated and had all the qualifications to succeed within the company. His personality and ability in the golf course even allowed him to create a personal relationship with the president of the company, who became very fond of Dick. In my opinion his success as a salesperson came at a young age because he had the aptitude, and the necessary relational communication skills which allowed him to successfully accomplish organizational sales objectives required by his superiors. Many individuals pursue an M.B.A degree for career advancement opportunities. In Dick’s case he managed to complete his college education with an M.B.A degree and land a sales position straight out of college. His knowledge and skill set in my opinion were over qualified for a position as a salesman. Boorom, Goolsby and Ramsey (1998) second this notion that “selling is the required entry-level job in many industries” (p. 18). At such a young age it was a starting point where he managed to shine against his peers. According to Saba (2011), “Master in Business administration (MBA) degree holders are considered as personnel who have ample knowledge about various dimensions of business field” (p. 208). A motivated individual like Dick came to this sales position with all the right professional qualities to prosper and more. Kelan and Jones (2009), express the importance of how a business school plays an intrinsic role in influencing the professions of those who obtain an M.B.A degree. Dick’s education might have been essential not only to his career success as a salesman but his development as a business professional and his motivation to keep moving up the ladder. In her research Saba (2011), confirms that “MBA students are generally thought to have realistic self-concepts and some career directions” (p. 208). In her study of 100 professionals in Pakistan, Saba’s data analysis demonstrates that MBA improves different skills that are the basis for better career opportunities (Saba, 2009, p. 207). His education was partly what made him successful as a salesman, his ability to efficiently communicate with people and interpersonal skills also play large roles in why he was so successful in that field. During the segment that we read on his success as a salesman you can’t help but notice how people describe Dick; he has good looks, has charm, etc. Even though his sales achievements affect his peers goals they still consider him a “regular guy” and enjoy his company when they socialize. You also notice how easily he can build a relationship with the president. One realizes that this person has great interpersonal and...
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