Management-Case Study (Chapter 1)

Topics: Management, Sales, Leadership Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: April 14, 2013
1. How will Charlie’s approach to quality and service affect his company’s performance? Charlie’s approach to quality is to prevent defects and achieve zero defects. He would show employees how to do the job right. He could show employees all his proven methods for closing a sale. The goal is to solve and eradicate from the beginning all quality-related problem and to live a philosophy of continuous improvement in the way the company operates. It is a more complete approach to achieving total quality. Charlie could also want to build a base of loyal clients. An important dimension of service quality is making it easy and enjoyable for customers to experience a service or to buy and use products. It shows the high quality of the company to its customers. Customers can get what they want or need, when they need it. The quality service provides the company to gain the competitive advantage. Because of the approach, the company can expand his territory easily. Charlie’s approach has the positive influence on his company’s performance. 2. Which of the basic functions of management has Charlie considered? How well is he preparing to carry out these functions? Charlie has considered the four traditional functions of management: Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Firstly, he analyzed the current situations, anticipating the future, and determining objectives. He typed out a list of the four other sales reps and analyzed their positions and performances. He is considering how he can help his sale term achieve the organization’s goal. He planned to catch up on what everyone was doing. Then, he organized a dynamic relationship. He is planning to be a manager and a sales rep at the same time. He could build a base of loyal clients better than anyone else. He could build on his strengths by travelling with each of the sales reps. He is an effective managers because he would be using new forms of organizing and viewing their people as his valuable resources....
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